Iluminarc Makes First Appearance at the ARC Show

April 11, 2013
Date Announced: 11 Apr 2013 Sunrise, Fla. — ILUMINARC®, the rapidly growing architainment lighting brand of Chauvet, with European headquarters in Nottingham, England, will showcase fixtures for the first time at The Arc Show in London, May 19-21, stand R72. On display are indoor and outdoor solutions suited for a variety of small- to large-size applications, such as Ilumipanel 40 IP, Ilumipanel 180 IP, Ilumipod 18g2 IP, Ilumiline 36 IP, Ilumiline Inground Tri 12 IP, Ilumiline Logic 12, Ilumipod Logic Tri 4 and more. Ilumipanel 40 IP is a powerful interior/exterior fixture, designed as a mid-range wash light, ideal for uplighting walls, and featuring a slim structure, which blends with the environment and fits in areas with tight tolerances. Ilumipanel 40 IP has 40 3-watt RGB LEDs and 30-degree lenses. Reliable in the harshest of environments, this wash light features an impact-resistant glass lens cover and a GORE® valve. The fixture’s dimensions (3.5 inches x 14.6 inches x 12 inches / 82 x 371 x 306 mm) and light weight (18.25 lbs / 8.28 kg) make it a perfect choice in locations where space is a premium.An interior/exterior wash light solution, Ilumipanel 180 IP features full spectrum color mixing and integrated wireless DMX512 receivers. Loaded with 180 5-watt RGB LEDs, this luminaire is perfect for washing large façades or tall buildings. Ilumipanel 180 IP has an ingress protection of 67, a humidity-controlling GORE® valve and is built with 316 marine-grade stainless steel screws to protect against corrosive environments. Ilumipod 18g2 IP is a powerful unit fitted for wall washing, uplighting trees, columns and façades. Carrying an IP67 rating, Ilumipod 18g2 IP is equipped with 18 3-watt RGB LEDs and features 12- or 30-degree lenses. For a reliable and solid design, 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware protects against corrosive environments, while the humidity controlling GORE® valve equalizes internal and external pressure and keeps water and dust away. The Integrated Cooling Enhancement™, or ICE™ design process improves the fixture’s cooling efficiency in its external and internal components. The UV-resistant powder coat that covers the fixture, and the impact-resistant glass lens add to its resistance and safe use. DMX control is achieved due to 1, 3, 4, or 7 channels, while an integral driver with an auto-switching power supply automatically detects the input voltage, ranging between 100 and 240V. Perfect for wall grazing, Ilumiline 36 IP is a linear LED wash light that carries an IP 67 rating and features 36 one-watt RGB LEDs with three lens options: 15, 30 or 60-by-10 degrees. The dimensions of Ilumiline 36 IP linear wash light (3.2 feet long x 2.7 inches wide x 4 inches deep) allow for installation in intimate spaces, and make it ideal for highlighting artwork and wall hangings, mantels or textured walls. These sleek fixtures are suitable for a great number of applications in offices, healthcare facilities, retail stores, entertainment and hospitality structures and more. A variant of Ilumiline 36 IP features SpectraWhite™ Technology, which uses calibrated warm white and cool white LEDs to deliver precise and adjustable color temperature ranging from 2,800 K to 7,000 K, with 24 warm white and 12 cool white LEDs, as well as same lens options.Ilumiline Inground Tri-12 IP is a sturdy LED linear wash light perfect for wall grazing and suited for installation in interior commercial spaces, homes, lobbies or in exterior settings such as building façades and entranceways. Ilumiline Inground Tri-12 IP is equipped with 12 3-watt tri-colored LEDs and 25-degree lenses. The multipurpose fixture is IP 67 rated and features a three-ton drive-over-rated tempered glass lens cover, 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware to protect against corrosive environments and a cement pour kit. Ilumiline Inground Tri-12 IP is configured using the Ilumicode addresser and can be controlled via one, three, four or seven channels of DMX. The Ilumicode addresser changes the starting address, the personality, and the dimming curve, or sets the fixture to operate on a static program.An elegant indoor lighting solution, Ilumiline Logic 12, has 12 RGB LEDs and features 120-degree lenses. Ilumiline Logic 12 comes with a Plenum rated Belden 1585A power supply cable with RJ45 connector and a durable extruded aluminum construction with Integrated Cooling Enhancement™ design, or ICE™, a process of amplifying cooling efficiency in the external aesthetics and internal components of the fixture. The fixture is compatible with all Logic system devices, including Logic 1x36, Logic 4x36 and Logic 16x36 drivers.Ilumipod Logic Tri 4 is a discreet fixture ideal for ambience lighting and for creating an upscale atmosphere in a club, hotel, residence and more. Equipped with 4 3-watt RGB LEDs and 25-degree lenses, Ilumipod Logic Tri 4 features a durable extruded aluminum construction, fits almost anywhere and is easy to install. It comes with a Plenum rated Belden 1585A power supply cable with RJ45 connector and is compatible with all Logic system devices, including Logic 1x36, Logic 4x36 and Logic 16x36 drivers.

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