Fraunhofer COMEDD announces official opening ceremony OLED facility

April 10, 2013
Date Announced: 10 Apr 2013 On 1st July 2012 the new Fraunhofer Research Institution for Organics, Materials and Electronic Devices COMEDD was founded. In the meantime Fraunhofer COMEDD prepared its new strategic orientation, introduced an adequate organizational structure and established a quality management system. Now it is time to celebrate!Fraunhofer COMEDD can be a partner for the technology and process development for organic light emitting diodes (OLED) for the application in lighting systems, microdisplays, in sensorics and organic photovoltaic systems as well as for the development of specific devices.In order to meet the requirements of its customers, Fraunhofer COMEDD put a new cluster system for the processing of 8-inch wafers into operation. This upgrade of the pilot line offers a wide range of processes (evaporation of organic and inorganic materials, metal evaporation, electron beam evaporation, high quality thin-film encapsulation against water and oxygen up to etch processes), which provide unique capabilities for innovative product developments if combined. The line was fabricated by SNU Precision/South Korea.The Minister of State, Sabine von Schorlemer, put the line into operation and is delighted: “Due to the diversified range of process possibilities, Fraunhofer COMEDD will be able to respond to various research enquiries from Saxony and abroad. Furthermore, the OLED microdisplays from Saxony provide unique possibilities for man-machine interactions.“Prof. Karl Leo, director of Fraunhofer COMEDD explains: “The new line extension is an important strategic step for us: Now we are able to offer a combination of liquid phase and vacuum processes, which enables us to evaluate new combinations of materials on manufacturing lines and to optimize them up to batch production. Thus the organic devices can be manufactured in fast sequences with high precision and reproducibility. We will be able to connect unique know-how with state-of-the-art equipment. We would like to thank the Free State of Saxony and the European Union for supporting this investment.“Dr. Uwe Vogel, head of business unit microdisplays and sensorics adds: “Especially for bidirectional OLED microdisplays in interactive data eyeglasses and future integrated OLED-on-Silicon opto-sensors for the industry, medicine or biotechnology branches, the line extension will provide a performance for research and development as well as pilot production, which has not been achieved so far.“This line extension was funded by the Free State of Saxony and the European Commission (EFRE).

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