MHG launches spherical LED Ball Display

April 16, 2013
Date Announced: 16 Apr 2013 LED Ball Display or LED Sphere Display / Spherical LED display view angle is 360 degree, clearly display. Full color LED Sphere Display is a new arc display, special designed for rental industry. Adapt for mobile projects, light weight easy carry. Especially the 10mm LED ball comes out, is very popular all over the world.◆LED full color ball 1. 360 degree view angle, full color.2. New technical , new design.3. Normally use in hotel, stage, club etc.4. Shinning color, impressed display.◆LED specifications1. Mobile, hanging install, set install, full in aluminum construction design2. The diameter according to customers’ requirements, digital control finish3. Sychronous & asynchronous control display4. Good cooling, insurance the led ball stability◆ LED diameterThe LED Sphere Display diameter are customization. Such as 1m,2m,3m etc.◆ SystemControl System: DB starControl Way: Sychronous & Asychronous◆ Connect & working way1.Online controlOnline (Sychronous ) control: Directly connect the power supply, Meanwhile connect the sychronous cable into receving card port of pc, After setting display content on software and play it, then the sphere led display will normal working. Save the setting files before power off, Then it will display the previously saved content next time.2.Offline controlOffline (Asychronous) control: Directly connect the power supply, Meanwhile connect the asychronous cable into the normal cable port of pc. Then, the LED sphere display will normal working. Set display content and sending to led sphere display, It will receive files after several seconds and automatically saved into built-in memory card. It will play same content without save files eventhough you power off immdiately.◆ Installation & Package methods:1> Three connector: Power supply, Sychronous & Asychronous cable 2> Electric Automatical Rope Hoist & Hand hoist (Optional)3> Flight case with built-in pearl foam & Steel Chassis base4> Flight case net weight: 107kg ;Dimension: 1.09X1.09X1.49m5> G.W around 310kg; Volume weight:370kg

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