Lackwerke Peters qualified as Cree Solution Provider

April 4, 2013
Date Announced: 04 Apr 2013 Cree, one of the world’s largest LED manufacturer, has accepted Lackwerke Peters to the Cree Solution Provider Programme. Created in 2007, this network aiming at high quality LED lighting systems contributes to accelerating time-to market and to reduce product development costs. Its members are value-added companies, strategic partners chosen based on their history of collaborating successfully.Cree Solution Providers offer solutions for LED lighting systems that are suitable for being used with Cree LED products and that fulfill the demanding requirements of state-of-the-art LED illumination.From the Peters‘ product range, the conformal coatings of the series ELPEGUARD have qualified, featuring a high transparency and yellowing resistance. In fact, these products have been successfully used on a large scale basis with many LED applications world-wide, such as display panels found in hotels, shops or stadiums, or in traffic control systems. For the protection against moisture, panels assembled with LEDs are coated by means of conformal coatings to ensure the electrical insulation under different climatic conditions and a low tendency of yellowing under such loads. In a common project with Cree, we have tested the compatibility between ELPEGUARD conformal coatings and Cree Power LEDs. The purpose of these compatibility tests was to prove that the coating with ELPEGUARD conformal coatings does not reveal any chemical incompatibility likely to accelerate degradation or reduce the performance of the LEDs. There were no complaints after the 6-week test.The ELPEGUARD conformal coatings systems SL 1397, SL 1307 FLZ and DSL 1706 FLZ are well-suited for coating power LEDs and have therefore been included in the Cree Compatibility List.

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