LIA Laboratories offer flicker testing for lamps and luminaires

July 15, 2013
Date Announced: 15 Jul 2013 Flicker TestingFlicker has been shown to induce photosensitive epilepsy, migraines and headaches, and increased autistic behaviours in certain people. Reduced task performance, stroboscopic or phantom array motion effects, distraction, and annoyance are other possible consequences. Flicker can also give problems where high speed HD devices are used.Clause 4.8 of EN 12464 states:Flicker causes distraction and can give rise physiological effects such as headaches. Lighting systems should be designed to avoid flicker.The LIA Laboratories have invested in equipment and can now provide a service to measure flicker on both lamps and luminaires.By measuring the flicker frequency we can calculate the flicker index of the source to ensure your product does not exceed set limits.

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