Dialight LED lighting products qualify for Australian SSL Quality Scheme

July 31, 2013
Date Announced: 31 Jul 2013 Farmingdale, NJ- Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, has announced that it has had the distinction of having eight of its industry-leading LED lighting products qualify for the Lighting Council of Australia SSL Quality Scheme. Based on a scheme introduced by the US Department of Energy in conjunction with the US lighting industry, the SSL Quality Scheme is a voluntary industry scheme that provides confidence to the market that a luminaire carrying the Scheme’s label matches certain performance claims made by the supplier.As solid state lighting (SSL) technology has demonstrated its ability to substantially increase energy efficiency across a wide range of lighting applications, the rapid growth of SSL has resulted in an increasing number of new LED products on the Australian market. While Lighting Council Australia notes that there are some excellent LED products available, it observes that the market is also being subjected to underperforming product that does not live up to its supplier’s claims. The Council’s concern is that such poor performing product can undermine confidence among users and discourage early adopters of the technology, potentially resulting in delay or otherwise compromising the substantial energy savings achievable with LED lighting.In order to participate in the Scheme a minimum set of critical parameters is reported by participating LED luminaire suppliers to accurately reflect the performance of their products. Scheme participants provide test reports or other evidence to Lighting Council Australia verifying their claims and the Council then registers the product on a database on its website (www.lightingcouncil.com.au) and authorises use of a label owned by Lighting Council indicating conformance to the parameters.The critical parameters appearing on the SSL Quality Scheme Label are:
  • Luminaire efficacy

  • Light output of the luminaire

  • Measured input power

  • Correlated colour temperature

  • Colour rendering index
Dialight’s qualifying units include five of the company’s flagship DuroSite LED High Bay fixtures (HB2C4M-EUH, HB7C4M-EUH, HBGC4P-EUH, HBGCMP-EUH10YR and HLGC4KN-EUH10YR), which boast the largest installed base of any High Bay fixture on the market, along with the DuroSite LED Low Bay fixture (LBW1C1D-EUH) and two of the DuroSite LED Area Lights (STW8C2N-EU and STW9C2N-EU). Beyond meeting the specific requirements of the SSL Quality Scheme, the Dialight units have proven in third-party testing to be highly durable to local conditions, including sand, dust and heat. Even under the harshest conditions, the LED systems deliver exceptional lighting and long-life performance that make total cost of ownership a winning proposition for applications in oil and gas, mining, power generation, water and sewage, food and beverage, cold storage, infrastructure, logistics and other heavy industrial markets.

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