Madrid lighting project replaces HPS lamps with Blueboo LED street lights

July 17, 2013
Date Announced: 17 Jul 2013 BLUEBOO LED street lights are in the capital of Spain, Madrid. As the pictures show, 28w LED street lights are used to take place of 100w HPS at 5m high in Madrid. In view of a great number of people in residence communities, brightness and safety of lighting products are very important. BLUEBOO adopts a single high power LED as a light source to provide LED street lights with low light attenuation, high brightness, long life, etc. LED street light features include green environmental protection, no pollution, and no harmful elements such as lead and mercury.Advanced intelligent infrared sensor technology adds more humanized design to the products, which makes lights maintain proper brightness when nobody passes by, maximize luminance when pedestrians pass by, and return fixed luminance after pedestrians pass by. According to customers' use records, BLUEBOO lights save electricity at least 80% and at most up to 90% or above.BLUEBOO hopes to create benefits for customers through BLUEBOO lighting products while helping the country to save energy. BLUEBOO lighting company makes efforts to keep pace with the times in the pursuit of enterprise sustainability and promptly adjust and change products according to market change to lead the progress of lighting industry. BLUEBOO seeks sustainability and innovation, and attaches more importance to growing up together and long win-win with customers.

Blueboo Lighting

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