Xicato’s color scientists design new LED modules with richer, more vivid colors

July 22, 2013
Date Announced: 22 Jul 2013 Xicato, a leading provider of LED modules for retail, hospitality and specialty lighting environments, today introduced its Vibrant Series LED modules. Light from the Vibrant Series is spectrally engineered by Xicato’s color scientists to make colors appear richer and more vivid and to bring out textures and depth of materials like never before. The design of the light is based on original research conducted in the lighting laboratory at the Instituut Lichtontwerpen in Amsterdam and designed by Colette Knight, Ph.D., an independent lighting application specifier and researcher. Color scientists at Xicato were able to use the feedback of more than 60 subjects to design a new light emission spectrum that makes whites, blues and reds in particular appear richer and more vibrant and to add visual depth to textures like denim, leather or lace.The research, conducted with over 40 top lighting designers and 20 shoppers, demonstrated that in many cases, people have a significant preference for light that makes an object’s color appear more brilliant. To determine each viewers color preference, they were presented with mock displays and environments in which color rendering and the gamut area of the colors rendered were varied. Color temperature remained constant at 3000K which is common for lighting in shops, galleries and restaurants. The research summary is available at www.xicato.com/vibrancy.With a clear understanding of viewer and shopper preferences, Xicato’s color scientists designed a new spectral power distribution that created the preferred vibrancy effect without making the surrounding environment feel cooler or uncomfortable which is often the result of simply adding additional red and green LEDs to an existing light source. The task required re-engineering the color gamut rendered by the light source. Managing color rendering and the associated color gamut in combination is key to creating light that feels right and looks alive. By selecting and tuning the phosphors and LEDs in a similar fashion to the company’s Standard and Artist Series, Xicato was able to retain an identical form factor, optical interface and electronic specification as its existing portfolio and produce the new vibrant light with its unique spectrum.“The emotional and experiential impact of vibrant light is undeniable,” said Joanna Brace, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Xicato. “Throughout Europe and North America viewer response has been tremendous and as a result, a number of retail installations are underway now. Vibrant Series gives the market a powerful tool for differentiating their spaces and creating novel user experiences that can’t be had online.” “This is the only LED light that we have evaluated that brings out the brilliance and texture of objects, and does so without casting a cool or uncomfortable feeling to the room,” said Werner Jost, Managing Director at Optelma France, one of the many companies already developing solutions that use the Vibrant Series. Others include: AlphaLED, Ansorg, Bruck, DAL, Dasal Architectural Lighting, Forma Lighting, High Technology Lighting, Kurt Versen, LSI, Lucifer, Martech, Mike Stoane Lighting, Optaled, OZ Lighting, Senso, Spectrum, Times Square, Turn Lights, Viabizzuno, Whitegoods, Wila and 3G.Complete information about vibrancy and the new Vibrant Series modules can be found at www.xicato.com/vibrancy. Xicato’s light portfolio now includes the new Vibrant Series in addition to the Standard Series and Artist Series. Technical SpecificationsThe Vibrant Series module continues Xicato’s design tradition, which maintains the form factor and optical performance between modules. The new module is an optically, thermally and electrically identical to its current XSM modules. All existing reflectors, lenses, drivers and heatsinks used today will work with the new modules. • Module type: XSM• Flux: 3000 lumens• CCT: 3000K• GAIBB: 111• CRI: ≥80• Efficacy: 67 lm/W• Compatibility: Direct drop-in for Standard or Artist Series XSM modulesAbout XicatoXicato is passionate about light. Light has an emotional effect on people and a direct impact on business profitability. It ultimately influences everything in our lives. Xicato is a recognized leader in creating LED modules that provide superior aesthetics, economics and durability. Xicato aspires to be the trusted partner of the global lighting design community and luminaire manufacturers.

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