Solid Apollo launches DMX LED controller for customizing lighting

July 29, 2013
Date Announced: 29 Jul 2013 Washington-based LED company Solid Apollo has released a brand new, state of the art DMX LED controller which can be recessed into a wall for easy and subtle LED lighting control. Users can now adjust brightness levels, choose and save colors, create distinct light temperatures through RGB, and play/pause color changing programs with easy to use touch interface and without complicated wiring and controllers.Seattle, WA - From stage lighting to visual effects, DMX enabled LED lights are the industry standard in performance and entertaining lighting. Until recently home and business owners were not able to easily utilize DMX technology which requires expensive equipment and advanced wiring. Solid Apollo’s In-Wall DMX RGB-W Controller has taken the dynamic control of DMX and created an easy-to-use controller for home, office, or retail setting for full LED lighting capability.DMX systems usually require a combination of controllers, receivers, and complicated interfaces between lighting fixtures that hard to manage. To make DMX accessible to all types of LED lighting users, Seattle based Solid Apollo has released a new, easy-to-use LED light controller. The In-Wall DMX RGB-W controller utilizes DMX technology so users can easily change moods, color changing modes, and the brightness of their lighting environment while maintaining the sleek and sophisticated design for which Solid Apollo has come to be recognized.“Our in-wall DMX controller is easy to use, compact, and operates with the latest DMX technology available on the market today. This product looks neat and its one touch interface combined with full color control, the distinct white temperatures, makes this product one of the more exciting products we have released to date,” stated Cole Johnstone, marketing specialist at Solid Apollo.Available with a black or white faceplate, the in-wall DMX RGB-W controller provides users full spectrum control with a modern touchpad interface. This sleek and easy to use interface allows LED light users to access many useful features including custom color selection with memorization, color changing modes, program speed control, and brightness control. In addition to DMX RGB control, Solid Apollo’s in-wall DMX RGB-W controller has a unique feature to control different white color temperatures using RGB LEDs with an option for a distinct type of white for those special lighting situations. This innovation in LED technology allows the user to easily create distinct color temperatures of warm white, daylight white, and pure white, as well as a new “instant white” feature.Solid Apollo’s in-wall DMX controller is priced at $99 and utilizes only 5W of energy to conserve energy alongside already efficient LED lighting. Additionally this northwest company’s latest DMX controller operates at the voltage of the DMX enabled LED lighting fixture, allowing for a large range of connections. This new product is ideal for full-scale control for any indoor lighting environment where lights need to be dynamically changed with RGB-W control.Finally, the gap between high quality DMX lighting and a refined, easy to use product is a thing of the past. Solid Apollo’s in-wall DMX RGB-W controller can help bring any lighting environment to its full potential with an all-in-one unit; mountable in any wall or surface, for hassle free design that puts the user in full control of their LED lights.About Solid Solid Apollo is a cutting edge LED lighting company which designs, produces, and distributes a wide range of high quality LED lighting products and lighting solutions to meet today’s lighting demands.

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