Ex-Or integrated system test functionality ensures emergency luminaires are operational

July 31, 2013
Date Announced: 31 Jul 2013 LONDON, United Kingdom –– Ex-Or has announced even greater functionality of its popular MLS Digital Lighting System with the addition of a fully automated Emergency Lighting system test. This functionality – available as an option for new installations of Ex-Or’s flagship managed lighting control system, and also as a system upgrade - enables end users to conduct comprehensive testing of emergency luminaires and signs without having to install a separate, dedicated system.Emergency lighting and signage systems require rigorous periodic testing to ensure that they continue to enable the safe movement of people in the event of the failure of normal lighting. Regulations mandate that emergency lighting systems are tested to a specific schedule. Automated testing systems offer peace of mind with pre-programmed regular testing and the provision of full reporting which less reliable methods such as a manual inspection may not.Ex-Or’s latest innovation automates the emergency lighting test process, ensuring compliance with regulations. Moreover, by integrating the functionality into the company’s existing MLS Digital Lighting System, Ex-Or has eliminated the additional wiring required by standalone emergency lighting test systems. This is a huge benefit for customers, significantly speeding up installation and reducing cost. The MLS Emergency Lighting Test system is ideal for sites such as commercial offices, schools, universities, hospitals, warehouses and factories. Managed via a central controller and designed to operate with industry standard DALI emergency luminaires and signs, it offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting. The system constantly monitors status and executes pre-programmed scheduled tests, swiftly identifying potential system faults and providing a clear and concise log of events for audit purposes.The system is designed to allow operators to schedule and perform emergency lighting test routines at times that cause the least disruption, such as in the early hours of the morning. Equipped with a browser-based user interface, it allows authorised users to securely log-in from both on and off-site locations, eliminating the need for a dedicated PC with specialist software installed. In addition to providing energy saving lighting control and comprehensive emergency lighting test functions, the Ex-Or MLS Lighting Control System enables integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) using the widely accepted BACnet standard. This allows sharing of occupancy information with other BMS systems and facilitates the execution of commands from the BMS such as time scheduled light level changes and intelligent load shedding.

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