Magnaray International debuts LED outdoor flood luminaires

July 10, 2013
Date Announced: 10 Jul 2013 - WLED-15 and WLED-26 outdoor surface-mount floodlights ideal for new-installations or inexpensive retrofits; easily replace higher energy, higher maintenance, shorter-life HID (MH, HPS, MV) quartz halogen and incandescents.- Each unit delivers very low watts of high CRI white light. LED strip-light sources, and diamond-pattern acrylic lenses, reduce point-source glare.New Product Introduction: Magnaray WLED-15, WLED-26 outdoor surface-mount LED floodlights - LED low-energy, low-maintenance savings; ultra-long lifespan; high color rendition and visual acuity. Now available for the very first time in LED light-fixtures from Magnaray International. Designed specifically for outdoor area, building facade, landscape, sign and site illumination. Product is also available for solar lighting applicationsProduct design: Larry Leetzow, CIE, IDA, IES; Magnaray International. Manufacturer: Magnaray International; a division of World Institute of Lighting and Development Corporation.Product applications: Magnaray WLED-15, WLED-26 are state-of-the-electronic-art, high-performance outdoor LED lights. They equally provide very low watts consumed; very long, virtually maintenance-free operating life; white, aimable, area light coverage; lasting high-lumen maintenance.For use above-ground landscaping; building or sign surfaces; post, pole or tree mountings. New WLED-15, WLED-26 discretely, evenly, economically, reliably illuminate outdoor commercial, institutional, industrial, even residential areas, facades, landscapes, signage and sites.Magnaray WLED-15, WLED-26 operate in all weather, all climates with high-color-rendition light, adjustable where it is wanted, with no wasted light. Lower operating cost, less maintenance, longer life of any other luminaire of similar specifications and purposes. Two of the most advanced LED floodlights now on the market, WLED-15 and WLED-26 will outperform and outlast many others by their design, quality components and superior construction.Product description: Magnaray WLED-15, WLED-26 are space-efficient, compact product designs. Interchangeable top or bottom-mount adjustable metal brackets have up/down, left/right aiming. Once aimed, units stay in place until purposely moved to a new position.The key to the high light output is a choice of 28 LEDs consuming a mere 15 watts total (WLED-15), or an incredible 96 LEDs, using just 26 watts total (WLED-26). LEDs are integrally strip-mounted inside each fixture housing. Low-glare diamond acrylic light lenses. LEDs operate on 120 through 277 volts.Each model uses up to 80% less electricity than energy-wasteful metal halide, high- or low-pressure sodium, mercury vapor, quartz halogen or incandescent lighting sources.Construction and finishes: Magnaray WLED-15, WLED-26 fixtures are made from ultra-sustainable anodized aluminum, with injection-molded aluminum end castings and locking swivels.Lenses are sealed, tough diamond acrylic design. The unit is designed to be tamper-resistant, yet easily maintained. Light engine and integral LED driver meet high IP 65 ingress-protection standards. WLED-15 and WLED-26 are CSA International certified for wet-location use, LM-80 certified.LEDs have 70% or greater maintained lumens after 50,000 hours, LM70 certified. LED driver life is 100,000 hours (MTBF) at 25°C. WLED-15 employs Terralux LEDs with integrated driver; WLED-26 employs Inventronics electronic driver. Standard anodized aluminum finish with optional powder-coat colors, can be specified.Now in its 51st year, Magnaray® International is headquartered at 2242 Whitfield Park Loop, Sarasota, FL 34243. Telephone: (941) 755-2111. Fax: (941) 751-5483. Email: [email protected]. Visit Magnaray® on the World Wide Web at:

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