RentAlite equips garage with LED lighting in the Netherlands' Municipality of Haarlem

July 11, 2013
Date Announced: 11 Jul 2013 The municipality of Haarlem/Spaarnelanden has decided, because of the good experience with the energy-efficient lighting of RentAlite in parking garage Houtplein, de Kamp, Station, and Appelaar, to also equip a parking garage in Dreef with the Premium Power LED lighting.The Dreef garage will be the same as the Appelaar and utilize the PPL Infinite line with Can-bus system. The Premium Power LED Infinite line luminaires will be connected together in a very attractive design line.Through the Can-bus (or DALI) system, each lamp has its own IP address through which the lamps can be controlled individually (dimming at any level through motion sensors, daylight sensors and / or timer options). In addition, the lamps can also be grouped together and controlled as desired. The Can-bus system comes with a touch screen that allows the entire lighting system to operate easily.


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