Intel honors Tyndall researcher Brian Corbett for photonics work that introduced MicroLED technology

July 9, 2013
Date Announced: 09 Jul 2013 InfiniLED is delighted to congratulate Brian Corbett of the Tyndall National Institute on his receipt of an Intel Outstanding Researcher Award for 2013. The work by Brian and his research group on MicroLEDs led to the formation of InfiniLED. The award is in recognition of outstanding contributions that Brian and his team have made in the field of photonics and material science over a number of years. InfiniLED was formed in 2010 on the basis of research carried out in the III-V Materials and Devices group. In 2009 Brian won the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Award for his work on the applications of photonics devices. Commenting after the awards ceremony, Bill Henry, chief commercial officer of InfiniLED said: “The InfiniLED team is delighted to hear of this award. Brian is very deserving of it and his selection was an excellent choice by Intel. He has made substantial contributions to both the fundamental understanding of photonic materials and the applications of photonic devices. The range of both academic and industrial collaborators that the III-V Group has worked with over the years highlights the breadth of their work. As a former member of Brian’s team, I am particularly happy to hear of this award. InfiniLED have an on-going relationship with Tyndall and specifically with Brian’s group. We see value in these collaborations.” The award was presented by Kelin Kuhn from Intel. Dr. Kuhn is an Intel fellow and director of Advanced Device Technology. Also in attendance at the award presentation was Anita Mcguire, vice president of research at University College Cork. InfiniLED continue to have a strong on-going relationship with Brian’s research group and the Tyndall National Institute. As well as an access agreement with Tyndall, InfiniLED have a number of research project focussed on new developments and industrial applications of the MicroLED technology. InfiniLED develops a range of LED light source modules based on the patented µLED (MicroLED) technology, which it has licensed from Tyndall. The technology brings a number of performance benefits over widely available normal LEDs; the most significant being the significant reduction of the illumination area and in battery power required to run the LED. InfiniLED has a number of development contracts with international customers. The areas of application for the technology range from diagnostic testing devices to consumer products. Image: A MicroLED coupled to an ultra-thin plastic optical fibre (POF).

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