Zett Lite Lighting distributes LED Q-Rail trunking system from Litelicht

July 26, 2013
Date Announced: 26 Jul 2013 Q-Rail trunking system from LITELICHT now with LEDsProven system with high energy efficiency and all-in-one module for simple installationHerzebrock-Clarholz. The Q-Rail trunking system, one of the most popular and effective products from LITELICHT, is now available as an innovative LED solution. Main advantage: The LED Q-Rail offers exemplary energy efficiency and is ideal for both new installations and as a retrofit kit for existing Q-Rail lighting solutions. The LED version of Q-Rail is characterized by a high light output and excellent light control due to application-optimized light optics. The installation has been further simplified compared to the conventional Q-Rail system which also required no tools. Q-Rail trunking systems are used primarily in stores as well as in production and storage halls.The Q-Rail trunking system from LITELICHT is one of the lighting systems on the market most esteemed by designers and users. Now LITELICHT has extended the proven system with a LED standard version. It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours at 70 percent residual light output and luminaire efficiency of up to 100 lumens per watt – a particularly economical solution with maximum investment security. In addition to this energy saving, the long life of the LEDs reduces maintenance costs. This will avoid unnecessary work stoppages. Through the integrated DALI interface, the trunking system can also be used and controlled as required in building management systems. Thus Q-Rail fulfils the requirement of trade and industry to supply energy saving solutions with fast amortisation.The new Q-Rail LED light system is ideal for both new installations and as a retrofit kit for existing Q-Rail lighting systems, such as energy-saving renovation projects. Assembling the LED variant of the Q-Rail system has been further simplified: whereas a conventional trunking system requires the luminaire, reflector and lamp to be installed. The new LED version now has an all-in-one module which can be installed without tools in the power rail. This provides all existing customers with an easy transition to the innovative LED technology at limited investment costs, as the LED version is compatible with the conventional Q-Rail system.Additional efficiency gains can be realized through the use of optics on the LED Q-Rail compared to conventional trunking systems. This is possible because the optics direct the light by optimizing horizontal and vertical illuminance and avoiding stray light. To solve wide-scale LED lighting requirements, Q-Rail offers four different integrated optics which have been developed in collaboration with ZETT OPTICS:
  • The wide-angle optic is specifically designed for homogeneous illumination of horizontal surfaces. Therefore, they can be used in shops for general retail space as well as in the industrial and logistics sector for ceiling heights up to 5 m, among other places.

  • The narrow beam optic generates an intensive far-reaching beam of light. Particularly in high industrial and logistics halls and warehouses of up to 15 m height, targeted and highly efficient lighting is achieved with this light optic.

  • The double asymmetric optic is designed for homogeneous illumination of opposite vertical surfaces. Therefore, it is optimal for the uniform illumination of shelves in the corridor area.

  • The one-sided asymmetric optic was developed for uniform illumination of presentation and sales areas with single-sided standing shelves or wall surfaces, to provide wall flood lighting.
About LITELICHT:For over 60 years, LITELICHT has proven to be a brand for sophisticated, professional lighting solutions for indoor lighting in industrial and logistics halls and warehouses, office and administrative buildings, as well as in shops. LITELICHT offers customized, easy-to-install lighting solutions with high energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and strong design orientation.About ZETT LITE LIGHTING:ZETT LITE LIGHTING GmbH (ZLL) offers the decades-established brands LITELICHT and StarLicht as attractive lighting solutions for professional and private needs in a variety of application areas. ZLL is committed to advanced technology and dynamic growth. To achieve its goals, the company focuses on LED technology which will dominate the market in the future and bring outstanding opportunities for sustainable, energy and resource-efficient lighting solutions. Based in Herzebrock-Clarholz in Westphalia (Germany), ZLL belongs to the ZETT Group, Brunswick. With its own engineering expertise and strong future orientation, it develops customer-friendly concepts that are economically convincing and durable. More info at: www.lite-licht.de and www.starlicht.eu

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