EpiLEDs of Taiwan ramps up GaN production with CRIUS I-L systems from Aixtron

July 23, 2013
Date Announced: 23 Jul 2013 Aachen/Germany - AIXTRON today announced another repeat order from Taiwan’s EpiLEDs Co., Ltd. to support ramp-up of GaN-based LED production for lighting applications. The order for two CRIUS® II-L 69x2-inch systems was made in the first quarter of 2013 for delivery in the third quarter of 2013. EpiLEDs is exclusively producing withMOCVD equipment from AIXTRON.Mr. MingSen Hsu, president at EpiLEDs, comments: “We want a smooth ramp-up of production based on existing, proven technology. The CRIUS® II-L meets our requirements for high throughput enabled by semi-automated loading and best cost-of-ownership in class. Further, the system is already fully qualified for production of EpiLEDs’ high-end LED power chips. Naturally, we plan to continue to work closely with AIXTRON in meeting our future MOCVD needs.”Dr. Christian Geng, AIXTRON’s vice president Southeast Asia, adds: “Our relationship with EpiLEDs goes a long way. It is a good example how close collaboration creates win-win; EpiLEDs has been very successful on every generation of AIXTRON tools, strengthening itstechnology leadership.”The CRIUS® II-L systems are delivered with AIXTRON’s ARGUS Topside Temperature Control (TTC) system. The method eliminates temperature variation within each run and run-to-run, enabling unmatched production yields.EpiLEDs develops, designs and manufactures a wide range of blue, green, red, and white light LED wafers and chips at its production facility in Tainan Science Park. The company’s LED wafers and chips are featured with high efficacy, low power consumption, long lifeexpectancy and full range of wavelength ranging from 365 to 940 nm suitable for a wide range of applications, such as indicators of consumer electronics, light source of fax machines and scanners, indoor or outdoor display boards, automotive lightings, trafficsignals and illuminators.

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