Carole Waller uses InStyle LED lighting for glass artwork

July 4, 2013
Date Announced: 04 Jul 2013 InStyle LED Tape was used in glass light box prints of artwork by Carole WallerArtist and designer Carole Waller who specializes in light, textiles and glass artwork has made her latest art pieces available in glass panel prints with an optional light box that uses InStyle LED Tape. As well as creating paintings for exhibitions, architectural glass installations, hangings and live projects Carole also works in schools as well as running a unique I’m No Walking Canvas clothing line.“The Light box is one of a series of printed glass panels I have been making. They can be used in all sorts of applications from framed artworks to splash backs in the kitchen and bathroom” – Carole WallerLED Tape lighting is often used by artists and in architectural structures because of its small size and easy installation. InStyle LED Lighting specializes in LED Tape & LED Strips and has a reputation in the LED industry as being one of the most reliable LED lighting manufactures.

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