LiteSheet 's LED light uses engine that runs directly from AC power

July 19, 2013
Date Announced: 19 Jul 2013 HARTFORD, CT – LiteSheet announced the invention of the world’s most efficient solid-state LED light that delivers over 120 lumens per watt. The announcement was made at the company’s launch gala at the Connecticut Science Center. LiteSheet’s patent pending LED light engine runs directly from AC power without the need for a DC power supply. The company’s patent pending designs produce low heat and can be configured to work in any lighting application.At LiteSheet’s gala event, company President Todd Hodrinsky demonstrated the company’s innovative technology for lighting distributors from across North America, calling it “the biggest innovation in lighting since Edison’s light bulb.” LiteSheet’s engineers have created a light engine with a theoretical lifetime of 50 years that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership as compared to any commercially available light. All of Litesheet’s AC direct LED lights come with a 10-year warranty, with the expectation that they will never need to be changed in the customer’s lifetime.LiteSheet CEO Roger Whyte announced that the company’s environmentally friendly products will be made in America and sold through LiteSheet’s distribution partners. In addition, LiteSheet’s light engine technology is available for licensing. Whyte also explained that LiteSheet will operate on the principal of servant leadership, thereby furthering its positive impact on the world.About LiteSheet, LLCLiteSheet, LLC is an innovation company that develops and commercializes lighting products for the general lighting market. The founders have combined their extensive knowledge of lighting technologies and manufacturing processes to create highly efficient lighting with reduced production costs. The result is the most economically favorable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable LED lighting available.

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