GEB releases Brilliant series LED lights with fin-style heat sink for thermal management

Oct. 18, 2013
Date Announced: 18 Oct 2013 GEB™ now adds to its inventory new products of GEB™ "Brilliant" LED lights. Anyone who has used GEB™ LED light, LED lamp, light bulbs, etc are very much aware of their salient features. These products have a 30,000 hrs long life, no strobe, no glare, excellent light effect, little light delay, a nice chromogenic reaction and on top of all this, they are soothing to the eyes when compared to traditional lighting solutions the other companies provide. A new feature added to these range of LED light, LED lamp, light bulbs, etc is called the fin heat sink. As per the heat sink test in their lighting laboratories, fin style's heat sink achieved about 4~5 Celsius lower in control module than other heat sinks, and 30~38 Celsius lower than the temperature of the traditional bulbs. So undoubtedly to control module temperature, this is the world's best forced convection air-cooled heat sinks.GEB™ is company that produces world-class EyesCare LED lights. The LED light, LED lamp, light bulbs and other products are designed in such a way that they produce superior quality light and they are well known for their reliability. These LED light, LED lamp, light bulbs are energy efficient and can be used in lieu of traditional lighting systems. Wide voltage 85VAC to 230VAC solutions, isolated / non-isolated, dimmable / non-dimmable solutions are some of the other noticeable features of Led Light, Led Lamp, Light bulbs or any other GEB™ products.These LED light, LED lamp, light bulbs are decorative and enchanting. They usually have a soft yellow lighting effect and these are environment friendly because they do not contain heavy metals. All of GEB™ "Brilliant" LED lights and other products are available to customers in multiple topologies to help them while choosing based on cost and performance. The LED downlights are embedded into ceiling. Its beam are focused but the light emitted is soft. These downlights can be classified into categories like high power, small power beads and integrated beads lamps as they are available in sizes like 2 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3 inches to 8 inches.The new release new release "Brilliant" series has a total of 22 products of LED light, LED lamp, light bulbs that come in a variety of color temp, Voltage range and holders. More information regarding the EyesCare is available at the link: . GEBright's LED light, LED lamp, light bulbs are designed keeping in mind energy conservation and environment protection. The energy saving, luminous efficacy, longer life period are some of the remarkable features of these Led Light, Led Lamp, Light bulbs. GEBright have experienced technicians and support staff for design and application of their products.The sole motive of the company is to bring to their worldwide customers a new experience in eyes care lighting system by delivering high quality products like Led Light, Led Lamp, Light bulbs and providing their related services. More information and catalog of the products are readily available for access on the website.Google+:

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