Toshiba LED lighting saves Texas gun club maintenance costs

Oct. 17, 2013
Date Announced: 17 Oct 2013 Athena Gun Club in Houston, Texas is anything but your average shooting range. The 38,000 square foot facility opened just last year and was created with the intent to be an elite experience unlike any other within the community. The concept was to create an environment so inviting that a business man or woman could come in at lunchtime and get away from the mundane daily routine - without feeling out of place in their dress attire.Athena Gun Club caters to the public, but for those shooters who prefer a higher level of service and privacy, there is a private VIP club with exclusive privileges, such as special access cards to allow the members to enter through their own private door. This VIP ‘experience’ also includes a conference room and an enclosed lounge where patrons can relax and smoke cigars, and it provides members with their own private shooting lanes. The Athena Gun Club offers an unparalleled interactive retail experience allowing the freedom to safely handle real firearms on display. Beautiful glass cases display knives with Valobra cuff links by them, evoking the feeling of having stepped into a high end boutique. With a level of service and atmosphere that sets a new standard in the indoor shooting industry, Athena Gun Club is a premier facility that brings real-world military and law enforcement experience along with exceptional guest services.Toshiba LED Lighting products:- Provide exceptional light quality with a variety of color temperatures and distributions- Use up to 85% less energy than incandescent and halogen lamps- Contain no mercury or lead- Reach full brightness instantly- Emit up to 70% less UV rays than traditional sources- Are backed by a Toshiba five-year limited warranty** For more information, visit: down old technologyVery quickly after the Athena’s doors opened, management realized the lighting throughout their facility could not keep up with the demands of the business, with the existing traditional incandescent lamps burning out very rapidly. “We knew we needed a lighting system as upscale as the technologies of our range lanes, said Steven Bishop, Athena’s marketing officer, “so we researched and explored multiple LED manufacturers until we found products that could safely and effectively keep up with the needs of the establishment, and yet provide bright consistent light to contour our beautiful displays.” The products selected were Toshiba’s energy efficient, long lasting and exceptionally performing PAR38s. 65 Toshiba LED lamps later, the facility is now fully illuminated with aesthetically pleasing lighting to match the Athena’s high end retail displays and to add to the ambiance of modern sophistication throughout the venue.The trusted brandToshiba’s 125 years of lighting and electronics experience lends quality and integrity to their brand image. “LED Lighting is here and now, and it’s the obvious choice for today’s lighting needs”, shared Adrian Guillott, Bell & McCoy’s sales and spokesperson on the Athena retrofit project. “Toshiba continues to win on many of our projects as the natural incumbent for the right product at the right price, time after time”. Perhaps this is, in part, due to the return on their investment customers can enjoy when choosing from the breadth of Toshiba LED lamp lineup. At Athena, the owners take pleasure in knowing the pay back is realized within only 1.17 years.* An impressive $3,080 will be saved throughout the life of the Toshiba lamps, and the product will last up to 25 times longer than the former incandescent lamp sources. True quantitative data such as this tells the Toshiba story best and proves that it’s the brand to be trusted, every time.*based on $0.95 kWh electricity / 12h a dayThanks to the Athena Gun Club and Bell & McCoy Sales for their diligent efforts on this project.Toshiba is committed to offering quality engineered products, unparalleled service and a five-year limited warranty. For more information, visit

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