FOCUS releases new Liquid Optical Systems technology for LED lighting

Oct. 14, 2013
Date Announced: 14 Oct 2013 For more than 9 years, FOCUS has been synonymous with ingenuity, a new look and a technological approach to LED. In creating LED lighting systems, we strive to improve your ability to make advanced technology accessible and design - ahead of time.Liquid Optical Systems is a new registered trademark of FOCUS. We use a radically new method for forming the luminous flux with a patented formula liquid gel. Developments in this area were carried out in 2008, but now the level of development of the technology allowed us to realize the idea of ​​a mass-produced product. The Liquid Optical Systems (abbreviated LIQUID) technology allows us to maximize light output of LEDs, achieving truly revolutionary results.LIQUID eliminates interference inside of the lamp with the environment. This can greatly improve the performance of the lamp due to a more efficient implementation of the technical properties of all electronic components.We also took care with the reliability of the new series: LIQUID provides effective removal of heat from the LEDs and protects them from the elements, damping mechanical stress and thereby maintaining the lamp life and increasing the useful life.LIQUID makes available devices with different light intensity curves. Lenses are formed of an optically transparent inorganic material using highly accurate 3D models. Because of this potential LED lamps can achieve optimal design. LIQUID technology is patented and will be used in new fixtures manufactured by FOCUS.FOCUS сompany was founded in 2004. Our professionals have great experience in the field of optoelectronics. The company began its activities with the development and manufacture of electronics for special lighting fixtures on the orders of other companies - manufacturers. Now we produce lighting solutions for outdoor areas (USS series), office spaces (SPO series), industrial and warehouse buildings (PS and Bell (Kolokol) series), promotional billboards and facades, greenhouses, and also for landscape and architectural installations. FOCUS сompany has a lot of innovative developments, patents, and implemented projects in the sphere of energy efficient technologies. Our company positioned has itself as a manufacturer of high quality products. Manufactured products satisfy the most stringent requirements for reliability. Our mission is to bring innovation to the marketplace and offer a greater consumer choice. We appreciate a frank and open relationship with our customers and we value our reputation as a reliable partner.

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