Bright Lights LED Technology launches Holophane/shoebox/canopy replacement module

Oct. 9, 2013
Date Announced: 09 Oct 2013 Red Lodge, MT - Bright Lights LED Technology, leader in LED lighting retrofit solutions, has introduced a super-bright, high efficiency LED replacement module for billboard (Holophane), parking lot (shoebox) and gas station canopy (LSI-Scottsdale) fixtures. Using just under 92 watts to generate over 11,000 lumens, the new retrofit module is a direct replacement for traditional 400 watt bulbs, vastly reducing electricity usage costs and eliminating expensive routine bulb replacement and maintenance. Initial beta-testing in billboard applications has shown energy savings of up to 75%.According to company CEO, George Beaudet, “This new module, which we manufacture in the USA using a Cree chipset, is arguably the brightest, most efficient retrofit module on the market. With a rated life of approximately 100,000 hours and its low wattage, this module will save thousands of dollars in electricity costs and maintenance bills over its lifetime”.Priced competitively, the new module is available as a standard retrofit kit or already installed in shoebox or canopy housings and can be customized to fit most any outdoor fixture.Bright Lights LED Technology is a veteran-owned company with offices in Red Lodge, MT and manufacturing facilities in Salt Lake City, UT. Bright Lights LED products include outdoor modules, par lights, tube lights, spot lights, tape lights and high-bay lights. Bright Lights LED Technology is actively seeking distributors.

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