University of London residence achieves energy savings with sensor-based Luxonic LED luminaires

Oct. 23, 2013
Date Announced: 23 Oct 2013 High energy savings and low maintenance costs are crucial at Dinwiddy House, a busy and vibrant hall of residence for students at the University of London. These criteria steered the specification of replacement light fittings in the halls and led to the selection of Luxonic Lighting, an expert in high quality lighting solutions across the student market. Dinwiddy is home to many students at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Located on Pentonville Road, Dinwiddy accommodates over 500 students, with rooms grouped into flats in the five-storey buildings. Luxonic has provided 350 wall and ceiling mounted Corrilux® LED luminaires to these self-catering accommodation blocks, with luminaires installed throughout their circulation areas; stairwells, corridor and communal spaces. The new luminaires from Luxonic enhance the quality of light in the halls, considerably improving the comfort and usability for residents, and contribute to the high quality of the accommodation. The 26W Corrilux® luminaires from Luxonic replace old and inefficient 38W compact fluorescent fittings. These original fittings were failing, and were responsible in part for the high maintenance costs at Dinwiddy. The Luxonic solution not only reduces these costs overall but improves the green credentials of the building. The highly efficient and environmentally friendly Corrilux® LED luminaires have been designed and developed by Luxonic to provide equivalent light output to typical compact fluorescent luminaires whilst giving energy savings of up to 50%. The luminaires, from Luxonic’s ECODIM® range, are each fitted with an integral PIR sensor to detect movement and a photocell to allow dimming when sufficient daylight is present. In contrast to the original fittings, which were left on permanently regardless of daylight or occupancy, the Luxonic luminaires are set to maintain minimum light level while the space is unoccupied, resulting in high energy savings. A spokesman for the maintenance company explained, “The luminaires from Luxonic were the best for the job. They have helped enormously with our energy savings at Dinwiddy, virtually eliminated our maintenance costs and have enhanced the whole university experience for the students living here.” The Corrilux® luminaires have an expected life of 50,000 hours with 85% lumen maintenance. Using the highest quality LEDs makes them a high performance, high efficiency solution for Dinwiddy House. The system also has integral self–test emergency facilities, ensuring that vital testing is carried out regularly and with the minimum of disruption.Luxonic Lighting pioneers technologies in interior lighting design whilst considering the life cycle of a product from its concept through to its end-of-life. Luxonic’s sustainable approach ‘Eco-Design’ is an effective environmental management system that maintains performance and energy efficiency whilst ensuring productivity, orientation and safety for the user. It allows customers and companies to purchase and use Luxonic products in an equally sustainable way.

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