TerraLUX LED retrofit at Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library cuts power consumption from fixtures to 8W

Oct. 31, 2013
Date Announced: 31 Oct 2013 A trip to the local library should not mean you have to spend your time trapped in a musty basement, and that is certainly not the case at the modern Broomfield Library in Broomfield, Colorado. With wraparound balconies, luscious gardens and patios, patrons can enjoy reading indoors and out. And, the building brings beauty to the cityscape with artistically designed exterior accent lighting.Beauty does not trump managing monthly energy consumption and maintenance budgets, however, which is why the library decided to retrofit exterior fixtures with TerraLUX LED products.“The TerraLUX Linear LED engine is the complete package. It delivers cost savings, energy savings, improved lighting quality, and, as an added bonus, the engine has improved the appearance of the existing fixtures that were in place at the library without removing the existing fixtures.” Hector Chavez, Master Electrician, City and County of BroomfieldOriginally, 100-watt Metal Halide lamps with 85-watt ballasts powered the wall pack fixtures illuminating the exterior of the library. Each lamp only had a run time of about 12,000 hours and then the entire system needed to be swapped out at a cost of about $100 per light. Hector Chavez, Master Electrician for the City and County of Broomfield chose to use the TerraLUX 8-inch LED Linear Engines as a replacement product. The interiors of the wall packs were retrofitted to hug the lower profile of the engine for improved aesthetics. And now, the library is expecting five to one lifespan results from the LED lamps.Additionally, power consumption has been cut from 100-watts to a mere 8-watts per fixture. There was no loss of performance or brightness with the changeover. “The TerraLUX LED Linear Engine is just as brilliant as the Metal Halide lamps, and in the Broomfield Library retrofit project, they are a huge energy saver,” said David Meeker with Facility Solutions Group, a provider of electrical products, electrical services, and energy management solutions in Denver, Colorado.

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