Larson Electronics releases direct-upgrade LED roadway light for existing Cobra fixtures

Oct. 9, 2013
Date Announced: 09 Oct 2013 Kemp, TX - Industrial Lighting leader Larson Electronics has announced the release of an LED roadway light designed to provide direct upgrade replacement capability for standard existing Cobra head roadway lamps. The RWL-LED-30 70 Watt Street Light provides improved performance and cost effectiveness over standard HPS roadway lights in the form of reduced energy consumption, better light quality, and greatly reduced maintenance requirements. The RWL-LED-30 70 Watt Street Light from Larson Electronics represents the next step in street light technology and offers improved performance and cost effectiveness in a system designed for direct replacement of standard Cobra style roadway lights. This high performance LED roadway light produces 7,000 lumens of light output from only 70 watts of energy, making it a powerful and efficient alternative to HPS street lights. The light output from this LED light fixture is of a clean white color, offering a significant color quality improvement over the reddish orange light produced by standard HPS street lights. In addition to improved light quality, this LED light provides additional improvements in durability and longevity that allows it to surpass the performance of standard HPS street lights. The solid state design of the LED assembly gives it greater resistance to the effects of vibration and impacts, and a 100,000 hour operational life rating means lower maintenance requirements and fewer lamp replacements.This LED street light is constructed with a rugged die cast aluminum housing that has been treated with a high grade polyester coating to provide high strength and resistance to the effects of corrosion. Instead of a separate wildlife shield as is usually used with traditional street lamps, this roadway light has its shield cast into the housing for added durability and simplicity. This LED street light is IP66 rated, providing full protection against driving rain and tough weather conditions, and the tough lamp lens provides full protection against shattering and impact damage.This unit is designed to replace standard Cobra head street lights and is fitted with an adjustable mast arm mount that can accommodate arms from 1-1/4 to 2 inches in diameter. Internal access is through a diecast trigger latch on the door frame which can be opened and closed without tools, and a built in bubble level simplifies installation. This light is available in configurations for use with 120V-277VAC - 347V AC and 480V AC, allowing operators to easily use this light with a variety of voltages. The RWL-LED-30 70 watt street light is ideal for illuminating industrial park roadways, military bases, college campuses, residential streets, and a whole host of other common roadway lighting applications.This advanced LED street light is an ideal alternative to standard HID roadway lights that offers instant on operation, improved light quality and performance, and will provide faster positive returns in the form of reduced operating and maintenance costs as well as greater reliability and security.“We have expanded out array of high output LED lighting products to include roadway LED light heads,” said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics “This LED cobra head street lamp provides longer lamp life and higher durability when compared to traditional halogen and HID lamps.” Larson Electronics carries an extensive line of LED lights, LED work lights, LED light bars, intrinsically safe LED lights, outdoor LED lights, and explosion proof LED lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ full line of industrial grade lighting by visiting their website at

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