LEDtronics' Pehli Kiran initiative provides LED solar lighting to impoverished students

Oct. 15, 2013
Date Announced: 15 Oct 2013 LED solar lanterns from charitable initiative give deprived children safe place to study Torrance, CA – The pioneers of LED lighting at LEDtronics®, Inc., www.ledtronics.com, have announced that their “Pehli Kiran” initiative provided LED solar lanterns to top students from impoverished villages in Pakistan. Top students received a solar lantern or a solar cell phone charger to help them continue their studies and encourage them to stay in school. The “Pehli Kiran,” or “first ray of light,” is a philanthropic initiative created in 2003 by Pervaiz Lodhie, LED lighting pioneer and CEO of LEDtronics, to create opportunities for socio-economic development worldwide. The key element is the distribution and maintenance of solar LED lighting systems through the guidance and management of LEDtronics’ affiliated company, Shaan Technologies, located in Karachi, Pakistan. A simple LED lantern, at approximately $2.33 each, is charged by solar power to provide a cost-effective source of energy for impoverished villagers. So far, the Pehli Kiran has helped over 1450 impoverished families: - Save a total of about $10,000.00 immediately from switching to solar-charged light;- Increase yearly income by an expected $454,000.00 with a total expected increase of over $2.2 million (based on a five-year or more life expectancy of the LEDs); and- Improve safety, health, community involvement, hunger, and more!“The Pehli Kiran initiative gives poverty-stricken families freedom from darkness, illiteracy, poverty, hunger and disease,” states Lodhie. “On September 3rd, we extended this program to schools in deprived areas of Pakistan to encourage students to continue their studies and show appreciation for their hard work.”Position holder students at Govt. Higher Secondary School who received solar LED lanterns or cell phone chargers included: Parmand, Lalchand and Usva Shah, Haresh, Bharat and Sana, Nanoomal, Bhavesh and Narmeen Mahak, Zahid Saleem, Jai Parkash, Madan Lal, and Ramsha. Riaz Ali and Rano Mal received solar-powered LED lights as a reward for securing top positions in their respective classes of Govt. Higher Secondary School Umerkot and Govt. Girls High School Umerkot. “Energy is a very important and an alarming issue in Pakistan, and by locally producing photovoltaic solar panels, we are providing cost-effective energy which, in combination with using solar-powered LED lighting products, will bring increased literacy, educational and income-generating opportunities that were lacking due to energy shortages and inefficient planning,” states Shoib Ahmed, Shaan Technologies Engineer. The “Pehli Kiran” is an ongoing initiative that continues to evolve through the United Nations Development Programme, The Aitemaad Pakistan Trust, and other, non-governmental organizations.To learn more about the “Pehli Kiran” program visit http://www.gcitizenship.com/. About LEDtronics, Inc.The pioneer of LED lighting, Pervaiz Lodhie, founded LEDtronics, Inc. in 1983 with his wife Almas. Since then, LEDtronics, Inc. has been the leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly, low-power usage, long-life LED bulbs and LED lamps to replace incandescent bulbs. The company is certified as a Minority-Owned Small Business and has grown into one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative LED lights, lamps, clusters and arrays. LEDtronics now employs over 300 people with sales representatives worldwide and prides itself on delivering LED lighting solutions and products of consistently high quality to exceed customer expectations. For more information, call us at (800) 579-4875 or visit ledtronics.com.

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