UC Davis lighting center selects Jade Sky Technologies driver ICs for LED lamp upgrade project

Oct. 17, 2013
Date Announced: 17 Oct 2013 UC Davis’ California Lighting Technology Center will utilize Jade Sky Technologies’ driver ICs to help spur adoption of cost-effective, easy-to-use LED lighting solutionsMilpitas, Calif. – Jade Sky Technologies (JST), a clean-tech start-up manufacturer of driver ICs for LED lighting applications, announces its affiliate partnership with the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC). Jade Sky Technologies was chosen by the CLTC to collaborate on its LED-adoption project based on JST’s unique design approach that results in the optimum end-user experience for LED lighting. The aim of the partnership is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of meeting the best-in-class standards set by the California Quality LED Lamp Specification set to take effect January 2014.Jade Sky Technologies' highly integrated driver solution enables true compatibility and smooth 100 percent down to 0 percent dimming with all commercially available dimmers and occupancy sensors. Leveraging the benefits of standard CMOS technology, JST's driver ICs enable extremely simple, cost-effective solutions that maintain the highest levels of efficiency and power factor.“JST shares our goal of making the transition to LED lamps a satisfying experience for consumers," said CLTC Director, Michael Siminovitch, who is also the Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency at UC Davis. "All of us at CLTC look forward to working with JST to accelerate LED adoption."“We are excited to work with the CLTC because we believe in its mission: to drive the mass adoption of energy-efficient lighting and to meet the State of California’s aggressive energy demand and emission reduction goals,” says Jade Sky Technologies CEO, David Chen. “We already have the technology to make a true retrofit LED bulb. Our goal is to simplify the consumer’s LED lighting buying decision to ‘clear or frost’?”About Jade Sky Technologies, Inc.Jade Sky Technologies was founded in 2010 in Silicon Valley by a group of highly experienced power-IC and power-system designers. The founding mission was to bring simplicity back to lighting for the end consumer by making a true retrofit LED bulb possible. Holding many patents, JST manufactures innovative power-ICs that will help ensure a smooth and comprehensive transition from incandescent to LED lighting.About CLTCThe California Lighting Technology Center is a not-for-profit research, development and demonstration facility dedicated to advancing energy-efficient lighting and daylighting technologies. Established in 2003 as part of the Department of Design, under the College of Letters and Science at UC Davis, CLTC conducts prototype testing, technology demonstrations and case studies of emerging lighting technologies. The Center also provides information, training resources and classes through its education and outreach programs.

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