LIA Laboratories introduces two new schemes for far-field photometers and spheres

Oct. 10, 2013
Date Announced: 10 Oct 2013 The Registered Photometric Laboratories Scheme for both Far Field Photometers and Spheres will provide an assurance of the validity of the photometric data published by manufacturer’s when describing the performance of their lighting products using their own equipment. The LIA Laboratories have worked with the Lighting Industry to introduce the objectives the industry expects in relation to levels for the apparatus, staffing and competence considered necessary to validate data for the commercial photometry of general purpose lighting. Participants in the Scheme are required to undergo a thorough annual audit inspection of their Laboratory; to assess the adequacy of their photometric equipment and technical competence of their staff. This will also include the measurement of products at the LIA Laboratories for comparison purposes.Manufacturers that meet the requirements are permitted to describe their Laboratory as a ‘LIA Laboratories Registered Photometric Laboratory’; this legend, together with an explanation of its meaning, may be published alongside relevant photometric data. LIA Laboratories will ensure, by regular inspection, that the quality of the measurements made by a ‘Registered Laboratory’ is maintained at an appropriately high standard and a list of ‘Registered Laboratories’ is held by the LIA Laboratories and is available on request.Please contact us at the LIA Laboratories for further information T: 01952 290907 E: [email protected] W: The LIA Laboratories are a trading division within the Lighting Industry Association (LIA).

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