Nitride Solutions ships first aluminum nitride product to Asian LED manufacturer

Oct. 2, 2013
Date Announced: 02 Oct 2013 WICHITA, Kan. — Nitride Solutions announced that it has achieved the first commercial sales of its new AT-50 aluminum nitride template product to a large Asian manufacturer of advanced LEDs. Nitride is producing the product in quantity at its manufacturing facility in Wichita, Kan., using its proprietary advanced HVPE process. Troy Baker, Ph.D., Nitride’s research and development director, presented data at the 2013 International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors that showed commercial template properties far superior to any presented before. This data accelerated requests for sampling by major manufacturers of LEDs and power-switching devices.“Our templates are by far the best in the market, and our manufacturing processes are designed for volume production and tight statistical process control. We offer customers the best commercially available XRD specs (average (002): 135 arc sec and (102): 513 arc sec), low defect densities, and wafer uniformity,” said Jeremy Jones, Nitride Solutions CEO. “We believe that our recent sales and growing sample requests validate the quality and value of our products and technology.“We realize that customers make decisions on substrates based on performance, quality, consistency, value delivered and supply assurance. Our combination of a superior product in the AT-50 plus a growing global distribution and technical support channel will provide the best solution for these customers. The planned introduction of four-inch aluminum nitride templates and the expansion of our template product line to gallium nitride will bring additional value to device markets.”James H. Edgar is department head of chemical engineering and university distinguished professor at Kansas State University.“The aluminum nitride on sapphire templates offered by Nitride Solutions are a much lower-cost alternative of high-quality material compared to bulk aluminum nitride substrates. That these substrates are available in two-inch diameter size greatly facilitates their use by standard device fabrication tools,” Edgar said. “The availability of these aluminum nitride templates creates exciting new opportunities for improved short-wavelength optoelectronic and high-power electronic devices.”Nitride Solutions develops and manufactures bulk and template nitride materials for the LED, laser diode and power electronics markets. Founded in 2009, Nitride Solutions’ leadership has 35-plus years of experience in supplying advanced materials to global manufacturers of semiconductor, display and memory devices, combined with a total of more than 35 years in nitride process development. The company maintains strong ties to Kansas State University in Manhattan, with key employees and advisors hailing from the university, as well as UC Santa Barbara. To learn more, visit

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