Smart streetlighting supplier Telensa achieves ~20% revenue growth in fiscal 2013

Oct. 24, 2013
Date Announced: 24 Oct 2013 Telensa sales reach £8m (US$13m) as its PLANet ‘smart’ street light technology gains support- 20% revenue growth in last 12 months driven by adoption of ‘smart’ street lighting to cut energy bills and meet government carbon emission targets- Telensa is the market leader in the UK with unit sales and orders of its products for over 650,000 street lights across 25 local authorities- Growth to continue with strong order book and through planned international expansion; North America is key market CAMBRIDGE, UK - Telensa, the market-leading ‘smart’ street lighting technology company, achieved sales of £8.0m (US$13m) and pre-tax profit of £1.2m ($2m) for the year ending 31 March 2013. Telensa’s revenue in 2011/12 totalled £6.7m (US$10.9m). This growth of around 20% is the result of the company securing contracts from further UK street light contractors and local authorities for its PLANet (Public Lighting Active Network) wireless street light central management system (CMS). Telensa’s PLANet system accurately controls switching and dimming of street lights. It also measures energy and detects faulty street lights and helps customers deliver significant savings on energy bills and meet government carbon emission targets. Telensa is the UK market leader for CMS with unit sales and orders of its products for over 650,000 street lights across 25 local authorities. For example, Leicester City Council announced earlier this year that is replacing its entire network of 33,000 old-style sodium street lamps with new light emitting diode (LED) technology and simultaneously installing Telensa’s CMS to control and monitor each LED’s performance.Will Gibson, co-founder and managing director, Telensa Limited, said: “Our growth and strong order book are further proof that demand is rising for ‘smart’ street lighting systems. Telensa is the leading supplier in this market because our long range, low power wireless solution is the simplest to deploy, the most reliable, extremely cost-effective, and is compliant with European and American radio regulations.“We estimate that there will be up to 200 million ‘smart’ street light units installed globally in the next two decades and we believe that with our large installed base in the UK, we are in a strong position to penetrate overseas markets. We are particularly focusing our efforts in the Americas and have a number of pilot projects underway, one of which is in San Francisco where our system has been selected for an adaptive lighting trial linked to changing traffic flows.”The UK is leading the world in the adoption of ‘smart’ street lighting with 21% (1.5 million) of the UK’s 7 million street lights already committed to being equipped with CMS technology. Telensa’s PLANet system uses advanced ultra narrow band (UNB) wireless technology which differentiates it from other solutions on the market. UNB requires less infrastructure equipment for large populations of street lights, meaning networks can be rolled out more quickly and with simpler network management than competitor systems.The PLANet system comprises telecell control units & dimming modules, base-stations (or gateways), a central system server and a user interface. With a full range of devices, the system can be applied to all types of lighting fixtures, retro or new build deployments. The system also works with a wide range of lamp types including LEDs. Telensa is also a member of the TALQ Consortium, which is working for the standardisation of a management software interface for outdoor lighting networks.About TelensaTelensa, the market-leading ‘smart’ street lighting technology company, was established in 2005 to develop a telemanagement system for the street lighting industry based on Plextek’s patented ultra narrow band (UNB) wireless technology. Through its PLANet (Public Lighting Active Network) system, Telensa serves the growing demands of street lighting and smart grid operators aiming to reduce energy and operating costs through automated management of the outdoor lighting inventory. Telensa is a Plextek Group company, a leading British design house and technology innovator, and is based at Great Chesterford on the outskirts of Cambridge, England.

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