Aoming's GEB brand launches LED lights with an eye to vision safety and health

Oct. 14, 2013
Date Announced: 14 Oct 2013 GEB™, a brand of LED light bulbs under the Aoming Lighting LLC, has recently announced their new line up of LED light that are not only environment friendly but also cares for our eye sight through their newly developed lighting technology "EyesCare". The company Aoming Lighting LLC is a China based electronic and lighting manufacturer with business address at 301-303, Jianye Building A, Block Torch High-tech Zone, Xiangan, Xiamen. It takes pride in producing only high quality LED lights and is dedicated on seeking continuous progress in the field of low cost green lighting. With the continued rise of surface temperature and exhaustion of global resources together with the overwhelming environmental consciousness of more and more people, the development of the LED technology has generated great results globally.If you are asking what is LED, it is an acronym for light emitting diode. It is a revolutionary lighting technology which possesses the concept of environment protection and energy conservation. When compared to incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamps and any other energy conserving types of lighting LED tube lamps offers far better luminous efficacy and also has longer service life. Aside from their relatively low cost, you get even more savings because of their longevity. GEBright takes the LED light to the next level by continually conducting further research on how this type of lighting can be improved.GEBright employs experts in the field of LED technology and has a dedicated R&D facility that focuses on researching and developing LED lights and help improves people's lives through innovation. As of the moment, GEBright's R&D team is exerting great efforts on improving light source and lighting system with greater stability, luminescent property and their latest discovery, the EyesCare technology. GEBright products are classified into three lighting series namely the "Brilliant" series, "Smart" series, and lastly, the "Saving" series. The products the company provides cover both indoor and outdoor lighting.The lamps distributed under their "Brilliant" series are smartly produced lamps that adopt a unique circuit design scheme to intelligently control and improve current flow. It uses imported chips, high color rendering index and EyesCare technology to protect the eye health of your loved ones at home especially the children. The “Smart” series are lighting products manufactured at higher level and are targeted for high-end business user that requires prolonged use. On the other hand, the "Saving" lighting series adopts excellent circuitry and have high luminous efficacy and low luminance attenuation compared to regular LED lights. This means, brighter lamps and longer service life.GEBright believes that the survival of an enterprise can depend largely on the product quality they provide. For this reason, every LED lampe you get from GEBright, have a service warranty of 3 years as well as a 45 day unconditional changing or money back guarantee. Because of their excellent customer support and products that not only cares for the environment but to the well-being of humanity as well, many are expected to avail of the shops offerings. For more information and if you have any questions, you can contact GEBright LED Light through email: [email protected].

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