Osram Sylvania and Traxon Solutions equip hospital design project with LED lighting and controls

Dec. 27, 2013
Date Announced: 27 Dec 2013 Dynamic Lighting Powered by Energy-Efficient LED Technologies Can Help Improve Patient Experience and Caregiver WorkflowNorth American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA is demonstrating how innovative SYLVANIA and Traxon lighting solutions can benefit healthcare providers, patients and families in a next-generation inpatient care environment called “Patient Room 2020.” In collaboration with NXT Health, a non-profit open innovation platform for designing new healthcare experiences, OSRAM SYLVANIA and Traxon Technologies worked to supply a variety of LED lighting technologies and controls solutions to equip Patient Room 2020 with precise, customizable and energy-efficient lighting. The goal of the Patient Room 2020 effort was to harness the power of design in order to improve patient experiences and optimize caregiver performance. The project was a comprehensive design effort involving many architects, designers, healthcare professionals and more than 30 product and service companies, including OSRAM SYLVANIA and Traxon Technologies. Since opening in July 2013, the installation has been toured by representatives from over 20 architectural and design firms, as well as several major healthcare systems. NXT Health Executive Director Salley Whitman presented Patient Room 2020 at the Annual Healthcare Summit in her key note address.The following OSRAM SYLVANIA and Traxon products are a part of the innovative design:- Traxon 1PXL Cove Light XR DW – Located on the perimeter of the ceiling above the patient bed, behind Barrisol®- Traxon 16PXL Board RGB – Located on ceiling above patient bed, behind Barrisol- Traxon Nano Liner Allegro AC XB – Located at top of pocket doors inside bathroom- Traxon String RGB – Located around exterior perimeter of “patient ribbon”- e:cue Lighting Control Engine mx (LCE-mx) – Used to control all dynamic lighting- SYLVANIA ULTRA RT4 LED Recessed Downlight Kit – Located in ceiling near the patient’s bed- SYLVANIA Adjustable MR16 LED Retrofit Downlight – Located above patient bed in an adjustable retrofit housing by Intense Lighting- Linear Flex RGB and White Protect LED Strip – Located in staff work area and wash station- HF2 Narrow Stick LED Module – Located behind backlit storage vanity in patient bathroomMeeting the Specific Needs of Hospital DesignSYLVANIA and Traxon products show how innovative design does not have to be sacrificed to meet energy efficiency goals. Every business is interested in energy efficiency, and healthcare facilities are no exception. With lighting accounting for up to 18 percent of all energy used by hospitals, lighting presents an excellent opportunity for energy reduction programs using long life solutions that help reduce maintenance and operating costs.Innovative design can support the needs of patients, staff and visitors, and lighting plays an important role. Dynamic lighting can help provide engagement, distraction and stress reduction for patients and visitors, allowing designers to optimize the patient experience with creative effects that complement their design and even contribute to increased HCAHPS scores. Whether it is for renovations or new construction, interactive lighting can transform a facility or space to a dynamic environment that brings harmony to both patient and staff needs.Working Together – A Prescription for SuccessLighting Designer Rachel Calemmo of Christian Rae Studio, LLC provided lighting design, specification and detailing to help create the “patient halo” lighting element for the space. Traxon’s 1PXL Cove Light XR and 16PXL Board RGB located behind Barrisol in the halo offers soothing shifts of color to create a comforting atmosphere for the patient and visitors. In an emergency, the halo can be quickly converted into an exam light for staff. Neutral, white light can be used for general examinations."Our collaboration with OSRAM SYLVANIA’s Amy Briej on the Patient Room 2020 project enabled us to push the envelope of hospital lighting design and experiment with innovative LED technologies that have the potential to positively impact the patient experience and enhance caregiver workflow," explained NXT Health Co-Lead and Creative Director David Ruthven, AIA.“It was a pleasure collaborating with NXT Health and other manufacturers and designers to develop the Patient Room 2020 concept,” said Amy Briej, healthcare segment manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA. “The concept serves as a forum for thought leaders from all areas of healthcare to come together and put evidenced-based dialogue into design practice. For example, we are improving infection control by integrating our RGB LED Linear Flex module and control into the nurse washing station. We are now able to signal green when the nurse is clean, red when not, and possibly blink as a reminder. It challenges us to answer the question, ‘What can be the future of healthcare utilizing advanced technology and design?’ In a world where the speed of LED lighting is moving as fast as the speed of our next generation tablets and smart phones, it’s important that we embrace the possibilities.”“Traxon Technologies is pleased to have been selected to contribute to Patient Room 2020 with a balance of static and dynamic illumination solutions. When applied with such a vision, our intelligent LED lighting and control products can have incredibly positive effects on patients, care providers, visitors, and a healthcare facility’s bottom line,” said Clara Powell, business development manager, Traxon Technologies.For more information on innovative and sustainable technologies for healthcare facilities from OSRAM SYLVANIA and Traxon Technologies, please visit www.sylvania.com and www.traxontechnologies.com.About OSRAM SYLVANIAOSRAM SYLVANIA is a leader in lighting solutions and services, specializing in innovative design and energy saving technology. The company sells products for homes, businesses and vehicles primarily under the SYLVANIA brand name, and also under the OSRAM brand. Headquartered in Danvers, Mass., OSRAM SYLVANIA is the North American operation of OSRAM GmbH. For more information, visit www.sylvania.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, visit www.sylvania.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.About Traxon TechnologiesTraxon Technologies, an OSRAM business, together with its control brand, e:cue, is a global leader in solid state lighting and control systems providing complete, sustainable and intelligent lighting solutions. Working with our extensive partner network, Traxon & e:cue transform creative visions into unforgettable lighting experiences, elevating architectural, entertainment, hospitality, and retail environments around the world. Traxon & e:cue’s innovative, integrated control, software, product and project portfolios have won many awards and accolades for their pioneering technologies and dynamic solutions, including LFI Innovation, iF Design, Red Dot Design, DDC, POPAI, and MELDA.For more information, please visit www.traxontechnologies.com.OSRAM is a registered trademark of OSRAM GmbH. 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