Swiss city of Bellinzona selects Paradox Engineering's smart lighting management system

Dec. 12, 2013
Date Announced: 12 Dec 2013 BELLINZONA TO IMPLEMENT NEW SMART LIGHTING PROJECT CHOOSING PARADOX ENGINEERING SOLUTIONSNovazzano - Paradox Engineering SA announces its smart lighting management platform has been chosen by the City of Bellinzona, Ticino Canton, Switzerland. Part of a wider pilot project that will “turn smarter” the City of Bellinzona by implementing new and innovative technologies enabling environmental sustainability and energy efficiency objectives, the project enables the management and control of public lighting thanks to Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI, the Company’s open standard multipurpose platform supporting future proof lighting management.Already awarded in 2011 as Energy City for its commitment to energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental policy, Bellinzona and the whole Region are working on a sustainable framework involving different fields such as energy, mobility and environment and that may create the conditions for the Region to be certified as the first Energy region. Indeed, the choice for Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI reflects the City’s will for future proof solutions, fully recognizing the high value of PE.AMI wireless network platform in supporting the City’s needs. Implemented in close collaboration with AMB – Aziende Municipalizzate Bellinzona - and the Municipality of Bellinzona, the project implies a significant modernization of public lighting, with the installation of more than 600 CREE LED street lights, remotely managed and controlled by the PE.AMI platform. Along with PE.AMI’s open standard technologies and full interoperability, supporting existing, new and future infrastructures and enabling the extension to different applications over time, the project supports the City’s evolving needs and challenges in a totally future-proof approach. “The choice for PE.AMI technology reaffirms Bellinzona’s and AMB’s orientation to innovation and sets them among most innovative players leading to path which will make Ticino the first “Smart City Valley” said Gianni Minetti, CEO, Paradox Engineering. “Switzerland is quickly getting on the foreground among renown innovators such as San Francisco and Paris, also having chosen our solution to improve their livability, sustainability and economy.”All over the world, urbanization challenges, policy frameworks and sustainability and livability objectives are changing the way Cities and governments are thinking about lighting. Municipalities and utilities are increasingly looking for smarter solutions to effectively optimize their public lighting assets as they offer tremendous opportunities to reduce operational costs and energy consumption. Moreover, the urban lighting infrastructure is the ideal carrier to implement city-wide networks enabling multiple wireless service delivery applications. If leveraged through a unified, common use scalable network platform this in turn leads to a more efficient and integrated approach to address the city’s challenges, also allowing shared investments, a much quicker return on investments and future proof projects.About PE.AMIPE.AMI is a natively multipurpose ultra-low power IPv6/6LoWPAN full mesh wireless network platform, ready for the Internet of Things, specifically conceived and designed to support multiple Smart City applications managing and controlling such urban services as lighting management, parking management, advanced meter reading, traffic signal management, solid waste management and many more, to be deployed at once or in the time so to support Cities’ needs today and in the future. Offering superior scalability and flexibility, PE.AMI is based on open standards and grants full interoperability and independence of any proprietary protocol and technology. It is also fully agnostic to field devices (luminaires, meters, sensors, …) and applications: offering unlimited network extension in the time, it ensures a future proof choice to Cities, and no kind of lock in.About Paradox Engineering SAParadox Engineering SA is a highly dynamic company that pioneers technologies to enable customers unlocking the value of their data. Urban and industrial wireless sensor networks and global virtual networks are key components of Paradox Engineering’s solution portfolio for any company implementing Smart City, smart grid, energy management, condition and remote monitoring, industrial process monitoring, engineering and telemetry projects. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering acts as a ‘one stop shop’ provider of turnkey solutions and technologies on a truly global scale through a consolidated network of strategic partners.

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