Astera releases SpotMax wireless LED spotlight with 13° beam

Dec. 9, 2013
Date Announced: 09 Dec 2013 Astera LED-Technology has unveiled its new wireless spotlight, the SpotMax™ (AX10). This enhanced spotlight is now Astera’s biggest and most powerful spotlight, surpassing their previous high-power LED spotlight (the AL7-XXL) by than more than 30% in total LED power and brightness. The SpotMax™ has a myriad of new features and upgrades, including the addition of TruColor™ Calibration, amber LEDs, long-life Samsung batteries, state-of-the-art Khatod lenses, and high-quality Philips LEDs, plus many other benefits.The SpotMax™ produces a narrow, perfect 13° beam from its nine RGBAW LEDs, but the spotlight also comes with two easily attachable diffusors for multi-effect possibilities; one is a wide angle diffusor, and the other is a wallwash effect.The TruColor™ technology enables the SpotMax™ to achieve complete colour consistency, meaning that customers will always receive the exact same colours from every spotlight they purchase. This also applies to all future models manufactured by Astera. Further benefits of the TruColor™ technology lie in its dynamic power boost function, which acts as an increase in power output while maintaining the same colour point. The next big benefit of the SpotMax™ over its predecessors is the added amber LEDs, which will provide better colour mixing (as more of the colour spectrum can be used) and allow users to better illuminate brown/orange surfaces. This is a huge advantage for event and stage lighting companies as previously an amber colour would be emitted as slightly red. The added amber LEDs work together with the TruColor™ technology to give users the best option for colour accuracy and consistency in wireless event lighting.Users will also benefit from an exclusively engineered IP65 waterproof housing, which due to its Neutrik connector and Powercon True1 cable is also waterproof while charging. Furthermore, Astera have incorporated additional heat sinks for added heat dissipation, dual antennas for a more comprehensive communication between controller and fixture, and a multi-functional stand which acts as a carry handle and antenna protection for when the SpotMax™ is in transportation.Sebastian Bückle, Sales and Marketing Director at Astera LED-Technology, commented; “The SpotMax™ is exactly what our customers have been asking for; an ultra-powerful 135W wireless spotlight with high-end RGBAW LEDs and colour mixing capacities suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has been designed as Astera’s flagship product and is equipped with loads of useful features. There is no other wireless light currently offering more features than the SpotMax™”.The SpotMax™ solidifies Astera’s place as the top producer for wireless event lighting as it addresses the needs of event companies and lighting designers. The spotlight, packed with nine RGBAW chips, can be controlled up to 300-500m away with a traditional hand-held controller or by Astera’s leading touchscreen controller, the AsteraTouch™. This allows the user to place lights throughout an event, and then either control the lights by walking through the venue to get the feel of an attendee or control them from a place of height to get a visual of the event as a whole.Specially designed for event companies, the SpotMax™ has many benefits for the industry; “One of the many issues for event companies is illuminating the corporate colours of an event host, and now with our TruColor™ technology and added amber LEDs, this can be done with ease” said Mr Bückle. He also gave comments on the TruColor™ Calibration; “We cannot stress enough how important this is for wireless LED fixtures. This was long overdue for us and we can now offer our customers the accuracy and dependability that they deserve”.With TruColor™ Calibration, Astera will test each and every wireless fixture with a modified spectrophotometer, and every colour is measured against the Astera colour index and adjusted accordingly. An extensive algorithm, written by Astera’s R&D specialists, automatically calibrates the brightness of each LED to ensure it matches the required standard. After storing the calibration inside the fixture, there will not be any differences between batches, leading Astera to achieve complete colour consistency.Astera LED-Technology manufactures wireless LED event lighting and is based in Germany. With a complete product range from small and versatile fixtures to larger and more powerful spotlights, revolutionary controllers, various decorative polyethylene objects, and many other accompanying accessories, Astera offers a tailored variety of wireless lighting solutions for event and lighting designers, DJs, wedding organizers, and corporate event management companies.

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