RentAlite PPL LED tube with 70° lenses is suited to areas with shelving

Dec. 11, 2013
Date Announced: 11 Dec 2013 Conventional LED tubes have a beam angle of 120 degrees. In halls/storages with shelves this causes light loss because it is lost between the racks. RentAlite has a PPL Tube with 70 degree lens instead of the standard 120 degrees to bundle the light between the racks. This lens ensures that the LED light is more concentrated at the places where needed, this makes the PPL Tube very suitable for lighting in a storage/hall.‘Van Keulen’ has chosen this application of the PPL Tube with 70-degree lens to replace their high-pressure sodium warehouse lighting. The replacement of the lighting means for ‘van Keulen’ energy and CO2 savings of 80% (from 280 watts to 56 watts per fixture), with doubling the lighting level, a performance where both ‘van Keulen’ and Rentalite are very pleased with.


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