Kingsun participates in formulating design standards for urban streetlighting in China

Dec. 5, 2013
Date Announced: 05 Dec 2013 Recently, the drafting group for an urban street lighting design standard launched the first working conference in Beijing. At the conference, 21 drafting group members attended the meeting, who came from Beijing urban lighting management center, Chengdu urban lighting management center, Shenzhen lighting environment management center, Shanghai urban lighting management center Philips, GE lighting, Kingsun, and other organizations.The meeting group aims to adapt a revised urban street lighting design standard to various complex road conditions, actual engineering design requirements, and related standards, so that new lighting products like LED lights can be used more regularly and applied scientifically, thus saving energy on the basis of improved lighting quality.The standard is used for regulating requirements of urban street lighting. Since its initial publication, the guidance has played a great part in urban street lighting design in China, which is significant in speeding up urbanization and street lighting construction.The content Kingsun participated in involves two chapters; one is light source, lamp and its attachments selection, and the other is energy-saving standards and implementation. The standard is in preparation and will be delivered to Building Department in September 2014.

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