Solid Apollo's strip light combines RGB color-changing LEDs with white light

Dec. 6, 2013
Date Announced: 06 Dec 2013 North Seattle LED Light Manufacturer Solid Apollo LED has introduced its Color Pro + White LED Strip, which combines the benefits of having a full set of Color Changing LEDs on the same LED ribbon as a full set of warm white or daylight white LEDs.There are many applications including restaurant lighting, high-end retail lighting, and hospitality lighting where color changing RGB LED and white LED light can be used to create unique lighting environments. However, in home and business lighting many retailers, designers and contractors have had to compromise between clear white light and the option of bright, changing color. If both were used it meant separate, expensive lighting fixtures with at least two controllers. Now, users can easily control colors and white light with Solid Apollo’s Color Pro RGB + White LED Strip, which are two lighting fixtures in one easy-to-use product!Available in RGB with Warm White (3000K) and RGB with Daylight White (4500K), the ColorPro series of LED Strip combines two high brightness strips into one ¾” segment, and is still cuttable every 4.75” inches, meaning custom lighting projects and art pieces are still possible while having more color options than ever. Bright pastels, subtle warm colors, and new tints are available alongside traditional whites and RGB colors.Rather than having alternating color and white LED light, Solid Apollo combined two full LED strips into one lighting fixture, meaning a new array of colors and lighting flexibility without compromising half of the LEDs on the strip. This means anywhere bright linear lighting is needed, users can now create a bright white light, as well as vivid colors at a high level of brightness, providing light to a variety of areas including cove and undercabinet lighting.“This product is the ultimate lighting tool for unique venues, art projects, nightlife events, colorful displays, and creating custom colors not previously available with LED lighting” stated Manuel Barquin, President at Solid Apollo LED.For those looking to get the most out of RGB-W Strip, the ColorPro RGB-W strip from Solid Apollo is perfectly combined with their 10-Zone LED Controller and the In-Wall RGB-W DMX Controller, both of which have dedicated white channel functionality. This means users can separately control white and RGB LED channels on their strip for fine tuning hues, for mood lighting and the brightness of each channel for colorful displays to light up retail displays, nightlife events, bars and pubs.The ColorPro is perfect for home theaters, beautiful under cabinet lighting, dens, restaurants, and anywhere a variety of custom colors and white light are needed at different times. Solid Apollo, an innovator in LED custom lighting solutions, has created the perfect combination of color changing LED light with a dedicated white channel which offers bright lighting, multiple new moods and colors not possible with just RGB light alone.

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