Lynk Labs grows patent portfolio for AC-LED technology

Dec. 4, 2013
Date Announced: 04 Dec 2013 Lynk Labs AC LED Patent Portfolio Continues To Grow As AC LED Market Positions For High Growth Lynk Labs Inc., the leading AC LED technology company from circuits to systems has been granted another key patent by the US Patent Office. The patent covers vertical market segments of AC LED technology from the core AC LED circuits and powering methods to the lighting system level.The AC LED Patent # US 8,531,118 B2 entitled AC Light Emitting Diode And AC LED Drive Method And Apparatus adds to a family of 12 other US and International approved patents in a similar field of AC LEDs and AC LED lighting Systems that use high frequency AC to drive AC LEDs directly or with rectified AC in LED lighting systems.The 13 patents within this particular family encompass vertical market segments from core AC LED circuits and drive methods on up to lighting systems in various forms according to Lynk. “We’re at a major turning point and facing accelerated demand and acceptance for AC LED technology globally now,” said Mike Miskin, CEO at Lynk Labs. The AC LED and HV LED market is still in the early stages but facing rapid, high growth opportunities that will compete with DC LED solutions in all power level applications from miniature lamps to very high power luminaires such as high bay and street lights according said Lynk. Lynk has built up a very broad and diverse technology offering and IP portfolio globally around AC & HV LEDs that can address any lighting application.“Our AC LED technology and product offering is now supported by a solid and established infrastructure that includes AC LED chip and package manufacturing to rapid delivery and design of integrated AC LED total solutions for OEMs with our key strategic partners like Epistar & Thomas Research Products. We are positioned to maximize the value proposition AC LEDs will offer in the global lighting market over the coming years," said Miskin.

Charles Huber, VP business development North America, Lynk Labs

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