GEB Brand launches 30W LED track light with COB lamp

Dec. 12, 2013
Date Announced: 12 Dec 2013 GEB Brand launches LED Track Light FIN-style COB Lamp 30W with A/B style, the track light with source cob light.1. Directly replace general halogen light2. long life:50000hrs,25 times than the normal energy saving lamps3. High efficiency: low power loss4. Sufficient illumination:LED is available immediately and it can be reach at the expect lumens,without swift loss.5. Low lumen attenuation: High quality constant current driver and good heat dissipation techniques6. Aluminum housing with good heat dissipation.7. Fin aluminum heat sink: we adopt fin aluminum heat sink (code number 1070), the coefficient of heat transfer is up to 90%.8. Nano-coating on heat sink: to ensure the best heat dissipation; we have cooperation with a Japanese company which is specialized in Nano coating materials. On surface of heat sink, we paint with nano coating, then the output will be 6-7°C lower.Applications:- Living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom;- School, university, hospital, hotel;- Meeting room, show room, showcase;- Commercial complexes;- Factory, warehouse, office;- Supermarket, mall.- Residential lighting, commercial decorative lighting;- Place of entertainment lighting, and the place need supplementary lighting- Special stores, hotel, bar, cafe, jewelry lightsGoogle+:

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