FutureLED launches LED module with optical light output of 150 mW

Dec. 20, 2013
Date Announced: 20 Dec 2013 FL LED-440565 is one of FUTURELED’s brand new products. The LED covers the wavelength of 565 nanometers with an optical light-output of up to 150 mW. The FL LED-440565 has a half width of 90 nanometers and an angle of radiation of 120 degree. The LED comes with a 1515-design and has a smd-housing. It is suitable for pulsing (pulse operation). It can be injected into an optical fiber on customer request - multimode fiber as well as single fiber.Perfect for spectroscopy and fluorescence excitation or similar applications.FUTURELED is a German LED manufacturer whose expertise is in LED-light sources and radiation modules with a wavelength range from 280 to 1700 nm, focussing on UV LED with a spectrum of 350 to 420 nm, IR LED with wavelengths from 660 to 1080 nm and phosphor converted LED. FUTURELED offers a variety of spectral innovations which can be customized to your needs.

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