Wisconsin classroom replaces T12 fluorescent lights with E-conolight's LED lay-in troffers

Dec. 19, 2013
Date Announced: 19 Dec 2013 After growing tired of replacing increasingly harder-to-find T12 fluorescent components, school officials at Wisconsin Lutheran School in Racine, WI decided on a pilot installation of 2x4 LED fixtures. The project replaced old T12 prismatic-lensed troffers one-for-one with LED Lay-in Troffers from E-conolight.The 3-lamp, 34-watt fixtures, each consuming 110 watts, were replaced with LED troffers, each consuming a mere 50 watts—that’s less than a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb!School personnel were impressed by the 72% increase in light levels while using 55% less energy. They’re also looking forward to the lack of maintenance costs. The average light level before installation was 33 footcandles, well under the 50-60 footcandles for a school classroom. The new LED troffers improved the light levels to the 57 footcandles—over 70% brighter!“Installation was a breeze,” remarked Scott Martyn, Building and Grounds Supervisor. “No sharp edges, easier to handle than the old fixtures and with the sealed design, I don’t have to worry about cleaning out bugs.”Rachel Nemitz, the second grade teacher, loved the change. “I like the clean light they give to the room. They seem to make the colors in the room brighter.”With a projected lumen maintenance factor of 91% at 50,000 hours, this means when used 8 hours a day, the LED Troffers will provide bright, beautiful light for over 17 years while only losing 8% of its original lumen output.

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