Larson Electronics releases high-output, explosion-proof LED fixtures

June 28, 2013
Date Announced: 28 Jun 2013 Larson Electronics has announced the release of the EPL-48-2L-LED-G2 Explosion Proof LED Paint Spray Booth Light equipped with LED tubes instead of fluorescents for higher output and greater reliability. Designed to provide full compliance with hazardous location regulations while improving output and cost efficiency, these paint booth approved LED fixtures offer better efficiency and longer operating life than typical fluorescent fixtures. The EPL-48-2L-LED-G2 paint booth approved LED light fixture from Larson Electronics is a powerful and efficient lighting solution for operators who require high light quality and compliance with paint booth HAZLOC standards. This LED light fixture provides high output and extreme efficiency through the inclusion of Larson Electronics’ second generation LED light tubes. These lights produce more output than comparable T8 fluorescent lamps, yet provide twice the operational life and use less power. While standard T8 fluorescent lamps will operate for approximately 20,000 hours before requiring replacement, these solid state LED lamps carry a 50,000 hour rating while producing 98.21 lumens per watt. For operators seeking to maximize the performance of their paint booths, this means lower operating costs through less energy usage and fewer lamp replacements without any compromise in light output or quality. Since these units utilize LED lamps, there is no ballast, further improving reliability as well as reducing fixture weight. These explosion proof fixtures are also suitable for any location designated Class 1 Division 1, Groups C and D, Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, Class 2, Division 1 - 2, Groups E, F, G and are UL 595/ UL 1598 suitable for marine type locations as well. Also designed for rugged durability, these explosion proof fixtures feature a copper free aluminum housing and reflector assembly for light weight and high strength, with impact and heat resistant Pyrex tubes for maximum lamp protection. The EPL-48-2L-LED-G2 operates on universal 120-277VAC current for convenient ease of installation and is available in 12/24 DC configurations for use with low voltages as well. The entire light assembly weighs only 45 lbs and is available in a variety of mounting options including ceiling, pendant and surface mount configurations for versatile installation capabilities. The LED lights in this unit are not integrally installed, meaning operators can easily upgrade to more advanced LED tubes as they become available. Since most manufacturers only provide paint booth approved LED fixtures with integral lamps, this is an attractive and cost effective design that allows operators to keep up with fast paced changes in LED technology without having to replace the entire fixture. The EPL-48-2L-LED-G2 is ideal for operators in hazardous locations who wish to switch to LED technology while maintaining affordability and improving light quality and provides an ideal solution that can be easily upgraded as desired. “As the lumen to watt ratio improves with newer LED technology, we are able to upgrade our explosion proof fixtures quickly and easily,” said Rob Bresnahan with “There are arguments to be made for fully integrated LED fixtures and LED fixtures based on bulbs and we offer both. The EPL-48-2L-LED-G2 is an example of how a lamp based LED fixture can be improved nearly two fold in a short period of time over our first generation of explosion proof LED lights. As the lumen to watt ratio of LED technology advances, customers who own this series of hazardous location light, can easily double or quadruple their light output in 12 months with a nominal investment in higher power LED bulbs.”Larson Electronics carries an extensive line of explosion proof LED lights, hazardous location lights, intrinsically safe LED lights, portable explosion proof lights and intrinsically safe LED trouble lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ entire line of explosion proof lighting at You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more about all of Larson Electronics’ lighting products or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquires.

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