Arivus launches smart LED control for street lights with OFDM powerline communications

June 10, 2013
Date Announced: 10 Jun 2013 Launched by Arivus today, the DLC-300 EL-150 is the first member of a smart ballast control family for LED outdoor and street lights with integrated powerline communication (PLC) interface. The 150 Watt LED Driver with integrated communication addresses the growing demand for fully remote controlled ‘Smart Outdoor Lights’ (SOL). By using powerline communication over existing energy cables no sensitive or expensive dedicated data wiring is required. OEM manufacturers and operators can now easily add advanced control and monitoring features to any of their existing or new light fixtures.On/off and linear dimming levels can be remotely controlled on a demand basis to significantly reduce power consumption by up to 30% compared to regular LED lamps, while simultaneously monitoring the light fixture performance. Lamp status, lamp failure, power consumption and other operational parameters can be accessed and evaluated to improve maintenance levels at reduced maintenance costs.“With the DLC-300 EL-150 we offer our customers a simple and economical way to make their existing and planned streetlight installations smart without costly infrastructure measures” says Uwe Hering, CEO of ARIVUS GmbH. “Investing in our DLC® lighting control systems typically pays off for streetlight operators in less than four years due to energy savings. At the same time our robust OFDM technology secures reliable communication with low latency and high data rates especially in large and wide spread streetlight installations.”Arivus uses its own standard compliant 4th generation chipset that provides the powerline interface as well as add-on functions required for modern ‘smart’ ballast controls. Reliable communication is secured by OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) modulation, which uses multiple carriers in parallel and has proven to be the most robust PLC technology. Especially when compared to formerly used FSK (frequency shift key) modulation. Integrated forward error correction improves the overall performance even further while integrated encryption allows for secure data transmission.The DLC-300 EL-150 is typically integrated in the lamp head or lamp pole and is controlled via a Arivus DLC® Access Point (AP). One AP can control and monitor several hundreds of DLC®-300 EL-150 via the power network over distances up to 15km (even further in repeater mode). The device also supports a stand-alone mode without PLC network connection where it operates self-contained according to preprogrammed calendars or self-learned dimming and on/off schedule.The integrated ballast control provides today two PWM (pulse width modulation) interfaces for 700mA LED arrays with up to 70Watt each. Its implementation secures constant current supply required for consistent color emission during dimming. The integrated power factor control will provide an energy efficient operation. The device offers protection class IP 67 and is SELV complaint allowing for easier maintenance. External temperature sensors can be connected to prevent from LED overheating.Alternative implementations with up to 4 PWM channels, additional programmable interfaces and other features can be provided on request.About SOL Smart Outdoor Lighting - SystemThe continuously growing SOL system offering by Arivus features multiple devices for control and management of outdoor lighting installations. The DLC®-300 EL-150 is accompanied by the necessary DLC®-300 Access Points and multiple DLC® Remotes, integrated and non-integrated, that enable the implementation of PLC communication into existing installations, upgrade of existing drivers via DALI/0-10V interfaces and the integration of sensors into the PLC network for advanced light management. The SOL system is intended for outdoor lighting application like street and industrial lights, tunnels and parking lots. Arivus also develops commercial indoor lighting solutions.About Arivus GmbHBased close to Nuremberg, Germany, Arivus ( | provides cost efficient and reliable Powerline Communication (PLC) solutions for smart grids or networks based on the DLC® (Distribution Line Carrier) systems and components. These solutions are core enablers for cost efficient provisioning of intelligence to virtually any powerline or grid based electronic systems. Arivus enables its customers and partners to address emerging ‘smart’ applications in the area of grid control, metering, lighting, building, mobility and M2M communication. Thousands of commercial field installations over the last decade have proven the system’s reliability.

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