Evolucia offers sustainable LED lighting financing program for customers

June 26, 2013
Date Announced: 26 Jun 2013 Sarasota, FL -- President Obama laid out plans yesterday to reduce carbon pollution and prepare the country for the impacts of climate change in a speech at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. For pure-play LED (light emitting diode) company, Evolucia Inc. (OTCBB & OTCQB: ILED), the president's remarks centering on ways to "waste less energy" highlighted the company's ongoing strategy and efforts to educate governmental, municipal and commercial markets on the benefits of switching to sustainable LED light sources. Sarasota, Florida-based Evolucia Inc. has invested over $30 million in the design, development and manufacture of both interior and exterior commercial grade LED light sources. "For example, the president pointed out the giant strides made over the past several years in car and truck fuel efficiencies," said Mel Interiano, CEO, Evolucia Inc. "With approximately 44.9 million streetlights installed nationwide consuming 7% of all lighting energy used-those more efficient cars and trucks should be driving under equally more efficient street lighting. With a switch to LED light sources, energy consumption could be reduced by more than 70% providing enough electricity to power 1.5 million U.S. homes and reduce greenhouses gas emissions by an estimate of 11 billion tons." In response to the President's challenge to join a "Fight Americans can and will lead in the 21st Century", Evolucia launched the "Evolucia Finance Evolved" program, a total turn key lighting solution with 100% financing and zero dollars down providing customers with an easy way to finance all elements of their purchases of Evolucia lighting products through Evolucia's financing partners. A variety of financing options are offered. "Cost and cash flow are often the major barriers for customers when it comes to retrofitting both interior and exterior lighting," said Interiano, "Evolucia has removed that barrier with a program designed to finance the installation of state-of-the-art energy efficient LED lighting and to help customers start saving dollars on day one." Evolucia LED roadway lighting solutions have been saving energy at U.S. military bases such as Andrews Air Force Base, Fort Buckley and Camp Lejeune; at academic institutions such as Bentley University, DePaul University and Appalachian State University and have been lighting the streets of Tampa, FL, Boone N.C. and Sarasota, FL. "The Evolucia products provide optimum energy savings, excellent light color and long life, however our key differentiator is our proprietary Aimed Optics technology platform which aims the light exactly where it is needed eliminating light spillage and pollution, preserving the dark sky and improving light distribution by 20% over standard light sources," added Interiano. As an example, Bentley University has recently retrofitted campus buildings, parking lots and walkways with energy-efficient light sources. With the addition of 171 110 watt Evolucia LED cobra heads, the University has cut energy consumption by 636,972 Kwh saving $106,724 in energy costs annually. That translates to 439 metric tons of greenhouses gases avoided or the removal of nearly 87 cars from our roadways. In addition to saving nearly 63% in energy costs, the Evolucia Aimed Optics technology puts the light exactly where it is needed so that there is no light trespass or light pollution. The parking lots are bathed in a bright white LED light enhancing the safety and security of the campus while at the same time allowing students to enjoy a beautiful dark night sky. "President Obama called for action now in fight against climate change. At Evolucia we have a proven technology that reduces greenhouse gasses, saves energy and combats rising costs backed by customer-friendly financing options to make the switch to LED lighting a reality today," said Interiano. About Evolucia Inc. Evolucia Inc. is an industry pioneer in the design, engineering, manufacture and marketing of high performance LED lighting systems to the global lighting markets. Evolucia received the United States Department of Energy's highest award for lighting within the LED category, and has installed thousands of its fixtures at military bases, universities, municipalities, and large commercial entities. Evolucia's LED lighting products are sold under the brand, Evolucia Lighting (www.evolucialighting.com). All Evolucia products offer highly energy efficient, durable, commercial-grade LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. The company's award winning cobra head and shoe box fixtures employ Evolucia's proprietary Aimed Optics™ technology, which increases light levels and visibility by strategically directing light to the target area. Evolucia fixtures require 50%-80% less energy than traditional lighting, and last for approximately 12 years without maintenance. More information about Evolucia Inc and its LED lighting systems is available in the company's Securities and Exchange filings, which can be found at www.sec.gov or at www.evolucialighting.com.

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