Mechatronix announces active cooling platform for high bays up to 20.000 lm

June 11, 2013
Date Announced: 11 Jun 2013 MechaTronix launches first 200 watt active LED cooling for high bay and industrial light designsThe “IceLED Ultra”, that’s the name the new active LED cooler was baptizedIn a diameter of just 99 millimeter and with a weight of less than 500 grams this revelation in LED cooling keeps luminaires up to 20.000 lumen on their expected temperatureThis makes the IceLED Ultra ideal for high bays and industrial light designsMore and more LED manufacturers have recently launched high lumen LED packages in COB format or as a LED moduleCitizen just came out with their new CITILED CLL052 COB producing 10.850 lumen in just a 38 x 38 millimeter chip-on-board package, Vossloh Schwabe introduced the Luga Industrial LED module for 10.000 hot lumens high bay designsKeeping these new developments on the required temperature is a nice challenge for industrial lighting designersA passive LED heat sink would easily reach up to 3 kilograms for this kind of power platforms and is not always an option with regards to design and aestheticsAnd that’s where the IceLED Ultra fits inWith a thermal resistance as low as 0.25°C/W and a life time of over 60Khrs this active LED cooler just does what it is made for: offering a proven reliable cooling solution in the smallest package currently on the market and all that at a price level which wasn’t seen before in the LED marketThe IceLED Ultra is again designed on a same modularity platform like the IceLED and the ModuLED LED coolersThis means that all Zhaga book 3 LED modules as well as the Bridgelux RS, Vossloh Schwabe Lugashop and Industrial, Citizen CLL030/032/040/042/050/052 and Xicato XSM LED modules can be standard mounted on the cooler by use of simple self-tapping M3 screwsDatasheets and drawings are as usual available online on A flipchart is developed for the IceLED Ultra, both in soft as hard copy version, which gives you a perfect overview of the compatible LED modules, as well as easy to use overlay which immediately indicates the mounting holes you need for your favorite LED module

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