Astera opens US office to serve regional wireless LED lighting customers

June 6, 2013
Date Announced: 06 Jun 2013 Astera LED-Technology, the leading manufacturer of wireless LED event lights, now has an office in the United States of America. The office is designed to better serve Astera's US and Canadian customers, and it offers the full range of wireless products, controllers and accessories.North American customers will benefit from better customer service and improved payment options. Previously, Astera products were only available through select dealers, but now with the unveiling of their new US office, customers can order from the official Astera brand and have complete peace of mind in doing so. Customers will also benefit from the Astera after-sales service. Repairs and spare parts will be available through their online warranty system, the Astera Portal. Customers will be able to register their faulty product and communicate with their nearest service center to repair the issue.Tom Meyer, general manager of Astera USA, commented, "The US market offers Astera a wonderful opportunity to grow their wireless event lighting brand. In the past several months we have seen a tremendous surge in new users and we expect that trend to continue and grow as users, especially event DJs and organisers, seem to love the brand and return."While there are many wireless LED lighting companies in the USA, Astera believes it brings something unique to the market. Astera have revolutionized the wireless event market with their easy-to-use yet clever control system, and their cost-effective yet advanced product range. They have developed many fixtures and controllers specifically for the event market, including the AsteraTouch™; a hand-held remote tablet for quick and easy control of unlimited Astera lights. Astera have also developed the only wireless pixel tube on the market, as well as the most powerful wireless spotlight, its AL7-WXXL."Our lights are designed to meet the needs of event designers. We have multiple wireless lights all with customizable programs, lots of effects and with an incredibly strong radio frequency control system. We specialise in making our lights simple to set-up, and therefore our customers can save money on set-up costs," said Tom Meyer. "I'm proud to be able to offer these benefits to our American users, along with great customer service that they'd expect from any other brand."With a product line tailored for event companies, Astera believes it is now well positioned to support North America's most revolutionary event companies with the best wireless LED fixtures.

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