SELC launches SmartStar LED driver for efficient street lighting control

June 3, 2013
Date Announced: 03 Jun 2013 NEW LED DRIVER FROM SELC – LATEST ADDITION TO EVER GROWING PRODUCT RANGEThis month SELC announced the launch of the SmartStar® LED driver as the company continue to develop their range of 21st century street lighting control products. DALI and 1-10V versions are also available. This lower wattage unit will soon be followed by a range of highly sophisticated higher wattage drivers.Speaking at the launch CEO Paul Carey said, "We have been leading the industry for over 30 years. Today we are introducing the next generation of street lighting controls to take us forward for another 30 years. In the last six months our renowned R&D team have introduced the AcRo photocell, AcRo MiniCell, the SmartStar® electronic ballast and now the SmartStar® LED driver. As with all SELC products this LED driver is exactly what our customers have been asking for - a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution. SELC and our partners are rapidly moving towards our goal of enabling total integration of our products into global smart city networks."The energy-saving SmartStar® LED driver from SELC has a standalone part-night dimming function when used with a solar time switch or a photocell switch. This direct current dimmable electronic LED driver is multi-voltage and multi-current to power LED and LED modules. The light output is reduced based on time around the mid-point of the night. The reduction in output and dim start and finish can be configured to user requirements. The SmartStar® LED Driver is the latest addition to SELC's ever growing range of smart, efficient light control products.Contact SELC today for expert lighting control advice.

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