LED veteran Robert Walker joins Pacific Light Technologies' board of directors

June 18, 2013
Date Announced: 18 Jun 2013 PORTLAND, OR -- Pacific Light Technologies (PLT), the leader in quantum dot downconverters for solid state lighting and displays, announces that Robert Walker, Ph.D. has joined their board of directors to aid the transition of the company from a development stage to the commercial phase of their growth. Robert Walker, a veteran of the solid-state lighting industry, brings a deep level of experience and understanding in the markets and applications of light emitting diodes (LEDs).Bob is currently CEO of an early-stage start-up, and from 2005 to 2007 was CEO of high-power LED lighting company Bridgelux. He also held key roles at Sierra Ventures, Vincera Ventures, and Emcore, and is a principal of YEBY Associates consultancy, all of which have made him an authority in the field of high-brightness LEDs since the industry's inception. In particular Bob has extensive first-hand knowledge of the Asian LED industry where much of the world's production is located."I have long been a believer that quantum dots will play a critical role in enabling both high efficacy and excellent color quality in solid state lighting. In only two years Pacific Light Technologies has become a trendsetter in the use of quantum dot downconverters, so I'm excited to help guide them to success," said Bob. "With PLT's unique low self-absorption design, multi quantum dot mixtures can provide custom tailored light spectra -- 'color where you want it' -- that can achieve the black-body performance of incandescent and halogen bulbs without compromising efficacy. And better yet, their quantum dots are very robust and operate in industry standard silicone materials.""We are delighted to have Bob join us so that we can benefit from his expertise and industry knowledge," added Ron Nelson, Ph.D., CEO of PLT. "His advice in the early days of PLT helped us build our industry leading team and brand. He is a great addition to our board."Pacific Light Technologies, located in Portland, OR, is the leader in the design, manufacture and use of high-efficiency colloidal quantum dots in solid state lighting and displays. These engineered nano-materials are designed to replace the color-converting phosphors that are currently in use today but suffer from efficacy problems such as infra-red emission in the invisible portion of the spectrum, difficult spectral optimization, and high self-absorption. Due to its unique combination of superior performing designs, strong intellectual property, industry leading R&D team and experienced startup leadership, PLT offers a solution that can give an immediate 30% or more boost in LED efficacy while providing high color-rendering or a large color gamut in industry-standard silicone materials. For more information please see www.pacificlighttech.com.

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