LED HongKong Ltd Introduces spot light optics that mimic traditional halogen lights

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We are very excited to announce that 600 lm led spot light module with new optical lens were available. As the luminous efficiency of LED chip was not high at early stage, it has not been able to achieve indoor lighting requirement therefore could only be applied at lower lumen lighting goods. LED spotlight has gradually replaced the traditional halogen lamp because there is no ultraviolet or infrared ray emitted from LED lighting, and it does not deteriorate on displayed goods. However, as the LED base generates high-temperature heat so most manufacturers can only use aluminum forming shell as heat-dissipation solution. As the result, the current LED spotlights have the aluminum housing appearance with turbine-like fins, placed in jewelry showcase cabinets, cultural relics exhibition halls, boutique shops, art galleries and other luxury places, which is truly fly in the ointment.

• An LED solution that replicates the look and feel of halogen dichroic
• Low glare, shadow free light
• No infra-red
• Retrofit for MR16, superb solution for hospitality, retail,office and home environments
• Part L1 and L2 compliant
• Lasts 20 times longer than halogen
• Better light output than 50W MR16 and over 78% energy savings
• Dimmable with leading and trailing adge dimmers

Material / Finish
Body: Aluminum alloy with silver finish

Installation / Mounting
Quick recessed installation

Designed and manufactured to comply with international
standard IEC60598

LED Hong Kong ltd has specialized in heat-resistant technology for years of experience in high lumen wattage LED Spot light. The new model of spotlight LED lamp adopting a special heat-resistant base and unique optical lens Unlike the existing spotlights in the market, the LED spot light will be the best choice for boutique displayed lighting in order to satisfy luxury needs. LED Hongkong ltd has launched LED spot light in European and Australia market for many years.

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