Triolight adds two liniLED controllers for RGB and monochrome LED systems

June 27, 2013
Date Announced: 27 Jun 2013 New liniLED® controllers complement the liniLED® systemTwo controllers have been added to the liniLED® product range and replace the old controllers as currently listed in the liniLED® catalogue on pages 53 and 54. Both controllers are easy to connect to the liniLED® Wall Panel via an RJ45 cable. After connecting, the controllers can immediately be used (plug & play). liniLED® Basic Controller With the liniLED® Basic Controller (product code 11100) you have a small but powerful controller with an output of 3 x 40 Watt. The liniLED® Basic Controller is therefore suitable for controlling up to 20 metres liniLED® RGB*. Besides liniLED® RGB, you can dim three groups of monochrome liniLED® products independently. The liniLED® Basic Controller works together with the liniLED® Wall Panel. It is possible to order them as a set (product code 11101), whereby you will benefit from an additional discount. liniLED® RGB/Dim Controller A more powerful controller is the liniLED® RGB/Dim Controller (product code 11120). With this controller, you have an output of 3 x 80 Watt. Besides connecting three groups monochrome liniLED® products, which dim separately, 40 metres liniLED® RGB* can be controlled. The liniLED® RGB/Dim Controller can be connected to the liniLED® Wall Panel via an RJ45 cable. If there is more power needed to control liniLED® products, the liniLED® RGB/Dim Controller has the ability to couple the signal to a second liniLED® RGB/Dim Controller (or liniLED® Basic Controller). This way, you can scale the required power to the wattage that is desired. Soon the liniLED® RGB/Dim Controller will also be available in versions for DMX, 0-10 V and 1-10 V. * The specified number of metres indicates how much of the product can be connected to the controller. Per connection set a maximum of 10 metres for liniLED® RGB Deco applies.

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