Excellence Optoelectronics continues development of automotive LED lighting business

June 10, 2013
Date Announced: 10 Jun 2013 Excellence Optoelectronics Inc (EOI) said that it has actively transferred its development focus to LED automotive lighting in the past three to four years. It has passed the international certifications successively; its revenue in last year was pulled up to 60%. In view of that there still is large change in the LED industry; EOI will continue to actively expand its automotive lighting niche market in the future. The revenue in this year is expected to be pulled up to 70%, in order to avoid the predicament that the prices of a majority of LED products have continued to decline.The main products of EOI can be divided into LED automotive lighting and other LED lighting; the former accounts for about 60%, while the latter takes up about 40% (including lights, signal lights, etc.). EOI pointed out that its total consolidated revenue in 2012 amounted to 1.383 billion NTD, an annual increase of 11%, which mainly benefits from the growth in the shipments of LED modules and LED street lights. Because the prices of LED signal lights declined, capacity utilization of some production lines cannot be improved and operating expenses and operating losses increased. The consolidated gross margin and operating margin fell to 21.47% and 2.46% respectively; the after-tax loss is 15.087 million Yuan.For the operation in this year, EOI said that in addition to its LED automotive lighting attracting new customers, it got the tender for about 50,000 street lights in North America for its second-generation LED lights at the end of last year. It will continue to ship until the third quarter of 2014, which has become the major momentum of revenue growth in this year. The total consolidated revenue of EOI during January to April reached 540 million Yuan, an annual growth of 31.52%.Excellence Opto, Inc. (EOI), a manufacturing company established in 1995, specializes in LED traffic signals, LED roadway and area lighting, LED industrial lighting and LED automotive lighting. With vertical integration of optical, mechanical, electrical and thermal design, EOI's solid-state lighting (SSL) solutions are proven for high-quality illumination with lower energy usage, cost-efficient, and ease of maintenance. At EOI, we place great importance on the details to ensure that we offer quality products and services that enhance the lives of the people who use it.

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